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Seasonal Sales Associate Cover Letter Example + Tips

A cover letter can help set your application apart from others, as you will have space to tell the employer exactly why you’re the best candidate for the job. Your cover letter should expand upon your resume by offering specific information that shows you have the skillset and personality to perform the job well. Reading through a free seasonal sales associate cover letter sample can help you gain a better understanding of what to place in your own. The sample below, as well as the accompanying tips, provides a useful resource for moving forward successfully.

Dear Andrew Gaines,

I am very interested in the seasonal sales associate position at Kellogg Home Goods. I have five years of experience in sales, and a fast-paced working environment is not only something I can handle, but also something I excel in. Because of my strong background in sales, I would make a great asset to your team.

With my strong work ethic, I was employed as a sales associate throughout my undergraduate education. For three consecutive months, I earned the Employee of the Month award, due to my commitment to exceptional customer service. My previous managers have commented on my professionalism and friendliness with patrons.

In addition to my strengths with customer service, I also have strong attention to detail, and I always keep my areas organized and uncluttered. In my last position, I implemented a check system that resulted in fewer instances of miscalculated inventory. I discovered that doing a double check system, which included documentation on two separate checklists, reduced time-consuming errors in our records.

I look forward to the opportunity to help customers find their perfect holiday gifts. I would love to sit down with you to discuss things further. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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What to Include in a Seasonal Sales Associate Cover Letter

In your cover letter, show you’ve done your research by inputting facts about the business. You can then use these facts to show why you would be a good fit for the job. Keep your tone professional yet friendly. The above free seasonal sales associate cover letter sample puts this advice into practice.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

When writing your cover letter, be sure to include personal traits that are important for the position. When reviewing the free seasonal sales associate cover letter sample, think about the personal skills you could add.

● Personable: A friendly personality can increase sales and make customers return time and again.
● Multitasking: Sales associates often need to multitask, between keeping the sales floor organized, answering customer questions, and working the checkout counter.
● Punctuality: Sales associates can’t often end their shift until their replacement is ready to work. A good associate is on time and reliable.
● Detail-oriented: Seasonal workers often have to be exacting on the job in order to keep the store running smoothly.


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