When seeking a new job, it can be difficult to make a strong impression with employers. One of the best approaches to the application process is to focus on creating a curriculum vitae that captures your qualifications concisely and effectively. Your CV should incorporate your work history, professional skills, and education. There are many factors employers are expecting to see, however, meaning that following the standard format is recommended. This bank clerk CV example and included writing tips make it much easier to create a CV that will make you stand out from the other candidates.


Brittany Caleb

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated and professional bank clerk with nearly 10 years of experience in the customer service field. Extensive interpersonal communication skills and problem solving abilities. Able to resolve customer complaints quickly and professionally. A candidate who combines commitment and a strong work ethic to maximize efficiency and success. Familiar handling and accurately counting money, as well as completing administrative duties.

  • Strong communication skills that have been developed over customer service career of nearly 10 years.
  • Leadership and management abilities, as well as familiarity in positions of high responsibility and authority.
  • Extensive organization, administration, scheduling, and delegation capabilities.
  • Excellent critical thinking, decision making, and perception, and a strong attention to small details.
  • Technological native familiar with all standard information processing software.
Work Experience
Bank Clerk
2017 to present


  • Interact with customers on a daily basis, fulfilling requests, answering inquiries, and providing directions clearly.
  • Implement active listening and comprehension practices at all times.
  • Perform all duties handling money carefully and responsibly to prevent errors or misunderstandings.
  • Maintained top position in customer interaction efficiency for duration of position.
  • Fill out paperwork and other administrative duties on a daily basis.

2015 to 2017


  • Oversaw daily operations to ensure high level of customer service from all team members.
  • Managed sales performance to meet profit goals for individual sales periods.
  • Provided customer service to guests whenever necessary.
  • Prepared reports for operational manager for every quarter.
  • Created schedules and managed labor costs for upcoming weeks, making adjustments at all times.

Customer Service Professional
2010 to 2015


  • Welcomed and served guests while providing excellent service experience.
  • Accepted money responsibly and counted change precisely.
  • Quelled customer concerns with expert communication techniques on a daily basis.
  • Improved personal sales rates by 15 percent over the course of employment.


Master of Business Administration in Finance Candidate


University of San Diego
Bachelor in Economics


University of San Diego
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I make sure to read economic magazines in order to stay up-to-date on market trends. I also enjoy running daily and playing tennis when I can. I also volunteer much of my time with a local charity organization.


Bank Clerk Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Bank Clerk Do?

Bank clerks are a low position in the banking industry. It is commonly used as an entry-level position in order to pursue more advanced positions in finance, accounting, or economy. Bank clerks are tasked primarily with interacting with customers and clients, answering inquiries, and resolving issues. They have many administrative duties as well and must be familiar with handling money responsibly and exchanging it accurately. Because their first responsibility is working with customers, the most important skill that you can emphasize on your CV is communication. Employers want to hire bank clerks who can remain professional and helpful in any situation. Because it is frequently an entry-level position, it is acceptable for your work experience section to be slightly lighter or to include some positions that are less relevant than normal. The above bank clerk CV example demonstrates what this may look like in your own CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Bank Clerk CV

The formatting is a huge part of creating a stand-out CV. Learn the standards employers are expecting from these tips:

  • The experience section is normally the largest and most important section, although this may vary based on your personal work history. It is acceptable for it to be slightly shorter if you have less working experience.
  • When listing your previous jobs, start with the most recent and go backwards. They should all be in past tense, except current positions. Each bullet point should begin with a strong action verb that demonstrates your abilities.
  • Do manage the length of your CV. It may seem minor, but it hurts your impression if it is too long or too short. It is best to aim for one full page without bleeding onto a second page.
  • Do not neglect to double or triple check your CV. Typographical errors are unacceptable and look quite bad to readers. You should also be on the lookout for instances of large blocks of text or gaps in content.

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