In most cases, you make your first impression on a hiring manager through your curriculum vitae with its Professional Summary, Work History, and Education sections. It can be challenging to know what information to include and how to present yourself and your skills in the best light. Our professional contract administrator CV examples shows how to make a strong statement with concise writing and a focus on the qualifications and abilities that matter most. We have also included some additional information on formatting and writing style to help you create a CV that will get noticed.

Daniel Howard

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Successful contract administrator with experience in both resource procurement and labor relations. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with in-depth understanding of arbitration procedures, negotiation processes, and conflict resolution. Strategic problem-solving skills to understand project objectives and create proposals to meet equipment and labor requirements while maintaining budgetary and timeline goals.

  • Thorough understanding of production and manufacturing, including supply chain economics and legal contract language.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills to communicate with workers, managers, suppliers, and clients, including effective conflict resolution methods.
  • Expert-level proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, Oracle PeopleSoft, Corel Paradox, LaborSoft LaborForce, SAP, and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • In-depth knowledge of labor codes, government regulations, and negotiation tactics.
  • Excellent critical thinking and strategic planning skills to effectively allocate resources, organize schedules, and improve production efficiency.
Work Experience
Contract Administrator


  • Communicate with vendors, labor specialists, material suppliers, and company executives to procure equipment and employees to meet project requirements.
  • Create sourcing strategies and contract proposals to procure necessary resources quickly while meeting budgetary and quality standards.
  • Participate in contract negotiations to pursue company goals and ensure effective communication between labor directors, suppliers, and internal managers.
  • Develop and implement new arbitration procedure for contract disputes that increased resolution rate by 30 percent while reducing arbitration time by 10 percent.

Procurement Manager


  • Represented company’s interests during contract negotiations with suppliers, including formulating policies and creating counter-proposals.
  • Directed purchasing activities of procurement team, including drafting resource requirements, purchasing equipment and materials, and distributing resources to correct departments.
  • Created and maintained comprehensive list of materials and suppliers to increase efficiency of resource procurement and minimize purchasing timeline.
  • Developed strategic sourcing workflow to reduce duplicated efforts in procurement department and improve overall efficiency.

Labor Relations Specialist


  • Coordinated labor relations activities, such as contract negotiations and renewals, disputes, and clarifications of contract terms.
  • Participated in negotiations and arbitration procedures, including completing necessary research and clearly documenting findings, drafting proposals, and clarifying the position of the company.
  • Worked with several departments, including accounting, human resources, and executive management to create labor acquisition plan and prepare for contract negotiations.
  • Earned annual award for Outstanding Employee Performance in 2013.


Master of Business Administration in Acquisition and Contract Management


Regis University
City, State
Bachelor of Business Administration in Contract Management and Procurement


Metropolitan State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy playing video games and participating in an online gaming forum. Spend weekends hiking with my dog and learning how to kayak. Learning to cook Japanese cuisine.


Questions for Your Contract Administrator CV

 How many skills should you put on a contract administrator CV?

The skills section gives employers a streamlined view of the best assets you possess. As shown on the contract administrator CV sample, the list should still fit above the fold of the first page. Focus mainly on the hard skills needed to excel as a contract administrator, such as resource management, knowledge of regulations, and software proficiencies. A range of five to seven skills is sufficient to express your best characteristics as an employee without making your CV too redundant.

 How do you highlight soft skills on a contract administrator CV?

While traits such as strong communication skills and adaptability are important, prospective employers tend to gloss over those skills when they are included on CVs. The key to making soft skills believable is to show evidence of these skills rather than merely stating you have them.

If a job required that you communicate well with others, list the people with whom you’ve collaborated in the bulleted list below it, as modeled on the contract administrator CV sample. If you thrive as a team player, use your experience section to give examples of specific tasks you performed that helped your group reach its goal. Turning a soft skill into an accomplishment is a richer, more believable way to express it than simply claiming the talent.

How should you present software knowledge on a contract administrator CV?

As data-driven as the work of a contract administrator is, extensive software knowledge is vital. There are several key places on your CV to include this information. As shown on the contract administrator CV sample, your skills section is a good place to start. List every program you have mastered and your level of proficiency in it. Use the experience section to showcase remarkable ways you used software to develop databases or analyze project outcomes. If you have special certifications for particular programs, list them in the education section to show your commitment to continued training.

 How do you list certifications on your contract administrator CV?

For the most part, certifications belong in the education section. That is where you detail both completed and ongoing training. Unique certifications that could set you apart from other applicants, however, may serve you better in the skills section, qualifications section, or even in your professional summary. The more likely a factor is to impress potential employers, the earlier in your CV it should appear.

 How do you write the qualifications section of a contract administrator CV?

Your list of qualifications is the section that should most closely match the description of the job for which you are applying. Focus on keywords from the description as well as the minimum and preferred qualifications to compile your list. The CV builder is a great tool for constructing a solid qualifications section. It uses industry-specific text examples to create customized lists that help your CV stand out.

Contract Administrator CV Must-Haves

What Does a Contract Administrator Do?

A contract administrator usually serves as a liaison between two or more parties and helps regulate and manage the procurement of labor, raw materials, and/or clients. As a contract administrator, you may negotiate collective bargaining agreements with labor representatives, as well as resolve conflicts related to pay and working conditions. You may also manage the purchasing contracts with suppliers and coordinate with multiple departments to ensure adequate resources. This type of position requires a good understanding of business, budgeting, and management principles, as well as excellent interpersonal skills. As shown in the contract administrator CV example, center the Professional Summary on your management and organizational skills, and include highlights of your achievements in those areas. It’s also important to mention your experience with conflict resolution and knowledge of the industry in which you will be working, such as production or manufacturing.

Tips for Creating a Great Contract Administrator CV

While you’re proofreading your CV, use these tips to improve your writing for a strong, coherent final copy:

  • Use the Professional Summary to market yourself to the hiring manager. Utilize language such as expert to describe your qualifications, and include one or two examples of career achievements that relate to the requirements listed in the job description.
  • Start each bullet in the work history section with a specific, descriptive verb, and tailor the description to showcase results rather than list your job tasks.
  • Follow standard formatting by structuring your Work History in reverse chronological order, starting with your current or most recent job. Use present tense to describe your current position and past tense when listing your previous jobs.
  • Make sure your CV template is easy to read by choosing a standard font no smaller than 10pt and limiting the length to two pages.

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