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It can be difficult to catch the attention of employers when you are applying to a new job opening. There are going to be many different candidates, which means you need to find a way to stand out. One of the best ways to make a strong impression is to create a strong curriculum vitae. Employers have strict expectations for each CV, and any that do not meet this standard may be overlooked entirely.

To keep all the requirement straight while writing, take a look at this procurement officer CV example and review the included writing tips.


Anthony Summers

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Highly experienced procurement officer with 10 years of experience in executive planning and production. Dedicated and committed to growing and expanding businesses and have a proven track record of success. Hold extensive knowledge of business practices, economics, and acquiring. Prioritize strong communication skills to delegate tasks and lead employees effectively. Developed analytical and evaluation skills to make the best acquisition and investment decisions.

  • Highly developed management, leadership, and executive skills to lead an entire staff of employees.
  • Extensive business and economic knowledge, both technical and practical.
  • Excellent communication skills, including written, oral, interpersonal, and professional.
  • Well-organized and experienced in fulfilling administrative tasks.
  • Strong decision-making, critical thinking, evaluation, and analytical skills.
Work Experience
Procurement Officer
2014 to present


  • Investigate the market to identify potential acquisitions and perform research to determine how appealing each opportunity is.
  • Oversee all inventory and equipment purchases, identifying areas of potential savings.
  • Relay information to inventory and employee management team, taking their reports into consideration at all times.
  • Create forecast of demand to be prepared for upcoming requirements.
  • Review delivery orders to ensure supply is met, taking availability, cost, manufacturing process, and lead times into consideration.
  • Improved profits by nearly 10 percent

Procurement Officer Assistant
2010 to 2014


  • Provided assistance to procurement officer in all aspects.
  • Gathered information and created reports from all departments.
  • Presented reports to the procurement officer, relaying information from department heads accurately.
  • Communicated information from the procurement officer to the rest of the management team.

Planning and Production Manager
2007 to 2010


  • Oversaw all branches, taking part in the project planning for each of them simultaneously.
  • Reviewed demand to create a plan for special projects.
  • Related project information to specialists and project leaders.


Master of Business Administration


University of New York
Bachelor of Business Administration


University of New York
Hobbies and Interests

I make an effort to read several business and economic magazines on a monthly basis to stay up to date on market trends and new business strategies. I run daily, as well as play in local tennis tournaments, to stay active, and I participate in an annual charity event.


Questions for Your Procurement Officer CV

1. How do you write a summary statement for a procurement officer CV?

A great summary statement touches on key experiences and attributes that qualify you for the position. Our procurement officer CV sample provides an effective demonstration of this rule in action. The reader quickly understands the applicant’s level of experience and specific job background in a large corporate setting. Her statement conveys her understanding of the core component of the position as well as a good attitude.

Keep your professional summary brief. CV professionals recommend using three succinct, information-packed sentences.

2. How do you write about hobbies on your CV?

You may have heard the advice never to include hobbies or interests on a resume. However, CV convention does allow and even encourage this type of information. Your interests can provide a better portrait of you as a person.

However, keep in mind the image you project. Consider your prospective employer’s culture when deciding whether to include a particular activity. In general, stay away from listing religious or political activism, as these activities generally have little relevance to a procurement officer position and can provoke adverse reactions.

You will note the applicant from our procurement officer CV sample includes two activities that portray her as an altruistic person with organizational and leadership skills. These hobbies also do not have a reputation for consuming a person’s time and resources in a way that could negatively affect work performance.

3. What’s the best CV template to use for a procurement officer CV?

As with many aspects of the job application process, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to CV templates. We offer a variety of CV templates so you can select the one that works best for you and presents your information in a clear, effective, and attractive manner. In addition, you can use our CV builder with industry-specific text examples to easily create an impactful document.

4. What’s the best length for a procurement officer CV?

Unlike a resume, a CV can be as long as it needs to be to include all relevant information. However, this does not mean you should feel the need to add length by shoehorning in unnecessary verbiage. Take your cue from our procurement officer CV sample by fully discussing important qualifications without excess verbosity or irrelevant information.

Do include a full range of essential skills and comprehensive descriptions of core work roles and accomplishments. Do also include hobbies and interests that portray qualities making you an asset in the workplace. Avoid including irrelevant data or inflating your descriptions.

5. What should go in the experience section of your procurement officer CV?

Begin the work experience section of your CV with your most recent or current position, then, continue to list prior positions in reverse chronological order. Avoid including work experience that dates more than 15 years back or has no relevance to your current career, unless doing so is necessary for the rest of your CV to make sense.

Each entry in this section should start with your job title and the dates you spent in that position. You should follow this with a bullet-pointed list of important information about what you did within this position. Typically, this means essential responsibilities. If possible, also include specific accomplishments, success on particularly challenging projects, and instances of professional recognition.

Procurement Officer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Procurement Officer Do?

The position of procurement officer is one of the highest positions in any corporation. It is typically an executive professional who heads up a company’s acquisitions department. Officers manage and oversee the purchasing of equipment and supplies as well as buyouts, mergers, and purchasing of smaller businesses. As an executive, they may also be responsible for many administrative tasks as well as the hiring of employees who work in the acquisition department procurement officers lead. As a high position, it must be clear on your CV that you have excellent management and leadership experience and that you are familiar with business operations.

Communication and organizational skills are incredibly appealing for employers seeking to hire a procurement officer. While your CV should be unique to each position you are applying for, the above procurement officer CV example demonstrates some general ways to emphasize these attributes clearly and concisely.

Tips for Creating a Great Procurement Officer CV

The following are some simple writing and formatting tips to help you improve your CV even more:

  •  Do focus on your experience section more than other sections. This is the information employers are most interested in, so it should be impeccable. List your previous positions in reverse order and begin every bullet point with a strong action verb.
  • Do not neglect to manage the length of your CV. Your goal should be to completely fill one page without bleeding onto a second page. If it is too long, employers may not read the whole CV, and it looks bad if it is excessively short. You can use two pages if you have more than 10 years of working experience.
  • Your summary should serve as a hook and introduction to your CV. It should be four to six lines long and include a brief mention of all the rest of the information your CV contains, including your skills and work history.
  • Always proofread your CV multiple times to catch errors and find areas to improve.

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