The job outlook for sales managers is bright, which is good news if you are planning to send your resume or CV out for such positions. However, there will be plenty of other folks also applying for the same openings, so putting thought into your CV helps it stand out. For instance, the sales manager CV example below lists a few quantifiable accomplishments. In fact, because you are in sales, it is all but necessary that you must include metrics. After you read our CV examples, check out the end of the article for a few more tips.

Roberta Gonzalez

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Friendly sales manager with seven years of experience in car parts sales. Proven record of handling multimillion-dollar accounts. Well-versed in motivating team members, opening floodgates to exponential sales and revenue growth, and retaining customers. Credentials include a master’s degree and coursework in statistics and marketing.

  • Software proficiency includes Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, FileMaker Pro, Eden Sales Manager, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Meeting quality standards for customer service
  • Quick thinking
  • Ability to anticipate customer needs and objections
  • Communicating with a diverse range of customers and businesses
  • Conversational in Spanish
  • Persuasiveness and creative thinking
  • Ability to use statistics and stories to show businesses why “my” product or service helps them
Work Experience
Sales manager



  • Led rapid expansion for nationwide car parts retailer XYZ Acme Car Accessories.
  • Took part in 20 percent business growth in first two years on job.
  • Expanded territories through personalized business relationships, customized mentoring, and streamlined operations.
  • Oversaw 100 accounts for businesses averaging $10 million in annual revenues.
  • Handpicked to oversee top accounts with ABC, John Doe, and Crazy Motorcycle.
  • Designed and executed plans for trade shows to generate high ROI.

Purchasing agent



  • Worked with suppliers and vendors for a regional car parts supplier.
  • Visited plants and distribution centers to learn more about operations and product quality.
  • Negotiated discounts, sometimes up to 20 percent, on terms such as advance payment or long-term customer status.
  • Assessed price proposals and competitor rates to determine fair prices.
  • Reviewed and signed contracts with prospective suppliers and vendors.
  • Made final decisions on the basis of quality, availability, price, and customer support.

Sales representative




  • Sold Company Name vehicles for a local dealership.
  • Developed rapport with customers by listening to their concerns and being honest with pricing and vehicle answers.
  • Won several “Salesperson of the Month” awards and a trip to Hawaii.
  • Anticipated customer objections to successfully close 80 percent of initiated sales.
  • Trained junior sales staff.


Master’s degree in Business


Jill Smith University
Bachelor’s degree in Marketing


Jack Doe University
Hobbies and Interests

Love all things physical, including baseball, whitewater rafting, and geocaching. On rainy weekends, always make time to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Creative pursuits include landscape painting and macro photography.


Questions for Your Sales Manager CV

 How should you structure your sales manager CV?

CV structure is fairly straightforward, as demonstrated in our sales manager CV sample. Include your contact information, your professional summary of qualifications, your list of skills, your employment history, and your education preferably in that order. Make sure to use consistent formatting that focuses on highly readable, engaging content and effective use of white space. Use a CV template that has bullets where needed to provide clarity and guide the eye to particular content blocks.

 How can you highlight team experience on a sales manager CV?

Your team leadership experience is part of what makes you a great sales manager. Showcase this experience by discussing your leadership style, whether you choose to lead by example, through collaboration, or as a servant leader. Elaborate in brief detail on how your leadership style has benefited your team members.Maybe you’ve provided them with an environment that nurtures their growth, resulting in better performance. Maybe you’ve turned around an underperforming team and motivated members to meet quotas. Maybe you’ve fostered a sense of personal accountability in company success. All of these instances and more belong in your achievements to show how your expertise has influenced your teams.

 How do you write the experience section of your sales manager CV?

Writing your experience section doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. The process is fairly straightforward. Outline the most recent 10-15 years of your experience, breaking them down to separate listings with employer name, years of employment, and job title, just like in our sales manager CV sample.Describe your job functions using high-level statements written in bullet format and using action-oriented language. Action-oriented language engages readers by opening each sentence with an impactful action verb. Use these action verbs, too, to mix in a hefty amount of results-based accomplishments. Cap each job at six to eight bullets, and you’re done ” but if you still need help, try our step-by-step CV maker.

 What can you do to make your sales manager CV stand out?

The best way to stand out in an overcrowded market for sales positions is to show employers the money. With your role in sales, everything comes down to your impact on the bottom line. Show your results in your accomplishments, whether in dollar values or percentages. Discuss your big wins. Name moments when you were first in sales, or you led your team to a top position in the region. Spotlight your big client wins. Be careful not to violate any confidentiality agreements, but don’t be afraid to brag.

 Should you include references on a sales manager CV?

In your field, references aren’t necessary unless specifically requested; as you can see, we didn’t include references in our sales manager CV sample. There’s often no room for them on a one-page CV, and they aren’t needed when your results should speak louder than testimonials. Only provide references if employers specifically ask for them; you can often include them on a separate sheet formatted similarly to your CV.

Sales Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Sales Manager Do?

A sales manager can wear many hats, as this sales manager CV example shows. For instance, the managers work in customer service, financial preparation, planning, and training. Depending on the job, they may work with businesses selling products or services to other businesses (B2B), or with businesses who sell goods or services to individual customers (B2C). In either case, sales managers deal with people who have pain points that need solving. The managers supervise a staff of salespeople who make it their business to explain how they can help with the pain points, and sales managers often do some selling as well. To measure how effective the sales staff is, a manager tends to use quotas, territories, and sales programs. Managers also develop customer recruitment programs that may involve online inbound marketing, cold calling, in-person visits, and discounted plans.

Tips for Creating a Great Sales Manager CV

This sales manager CV may have given you some ground to stand on. As you write your own customized CV, keep a few things in mind.

  • Use sales statistics when possible. They can include how much profits increased, how growth in your department, territory, or company outstripped growth elsewhere, or how many salespeople reached or exceeded quotas.
  • Clarify whether your experience is in B2B sales, B2C sales, or both. If your experience is in, say, B2B sales, and you are applying for a B2C job, be sure to list skills and competencies common to both fields (cold calling or employee training could be one).
  • Explain your digital competence, and use a section titled “Digital Competence” if it is exhaustive. For instance, you may track a sales force over several states using a certain program and hold daily or weekly video chats with certain sales personnel.
  • List your accomplishments and job responsibilities in a way that they demonstrate your communication, leadership, and analytical skills.

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