Writing a curriculum vitae can seem like a difficult task, especially if you have not been in the workforce for a while or it has been several years since you last applied for jobs. The writing process should hopefully be enjoyable, so you feel good about your prospects and are thoroughly ready for some interviews. If you are interested in getting a job in sales, then this sales support CV example is the perfect study guide. It shows what exceptional CV formatting looks like, and more tips are given afterward.


Shirley Buress

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Exceptional sales support professional who knows how to handle large workloads and exceed quotas. Great customer service skills to provide clients with best service possible and resolve conflicts when they arise. Leadership skills to take initiative and encourage team members to perform at their best. Cheerful personality to make potential clients feel at ease and offer support when there are uncertainties around the office.

  • Great communication skills to effortlessly speak about benefits of an item over the phone in a clear, concise manner
  • Problem sensitivity to help determine if problems could develop down the route if it is not course corrected now
  • Exceptional trunk strength to work effectively in a warehouse and stock supplies
  • Experience with inventory management software
  • Knowledge of a variety of machines that are typically used in sales warehouses, including workshop cranes, barcode scanners, and bailing equipment
Work Experience
Sales Support Agent
January 2016 – Present


  • Follow over 100 leads a week and develop a closing rate of about 45 percent.
  • Contact customers over the phone and make sure they are happy with the product.
  • Work with employer to develop sales strategy guides that were later distributed to everyone at the sales center.
  • Receive customer complaints, relay those complaints to the proper individual, and check back with customer shortly after to ensure everything was dealt with appropriately.
  • Listen to customer inquiries and offer the best product depending on what the customer needs most.

Sales Support Clerk
March 2014 – January 2016


  • Emailed clients to check to see if they wanted to renew product subscription, and had a renewal rate of 65 percent.
  • Collaborated with web design professionals to build upon company website.
  • Negotiated with suppliers to get better rates, and saved the company over $5,000 in one instance by purchasing a particular product in bulk.
  • Carried out B2B phone calls to establish relations with other organizations.

Store Clerk
May 2013 – March 2014



  • Took online orders, and packed the supplies in the appropriate containers to ship to clients.
  • Itemized orders, and inputted all information into company database to draw upon later.
  • Reviewed inventory and communicated to management when certain items needed to be restocked.
  • Developed marketing materials to get word out about business, including acquisition of radio ads.


Associate’s Degree in Marketing


Clovis Community College
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy hiking and taking new people on some of my favorite trails around the area. When I am not roughing it in the woods, I love practicing yoga. I have also started to lead my own workshops to teach others what I know.


Sales Support Agent Job Overview and Tips

What Does Sales Support Do?

Sales support agents do a lot in tracking down potential leads and closing sales. They may need to make cold calls to reach out to individuals or businesses to get contracts established before the deal goes to a closer. These agents may also need to spend time in the warehouse performing physical labor such as restocking shelves and transporting items to new locations. Some sales support professionals may even play a role in the advertising of the company and develop new marketing strategies. A big part of the position entails negotiating contracts, so sales agents need to be capable of communicating the benefits of an item to prospective clients and debating efficiently. As you can see from the above sales support CV example, you need to show you have the real world experience and personality to excel in this kind of role.

Tips for Creating a Great Sales Support CV

Do not forget these helpful tips as you are writing your next CV:

  • Use a reverse chronological order when discussing your work experience. It will show the recruiter that you have obtained more responsibilities as you have gained more expertise in the field.
  • Utilize metrics when discussing work experience. This means briefly giving anecdotes or offering solid numbers to things you have achieved in the past.
  • When discussing skills, include personality traits in addition to experience with certain tasks. Sales support agents interact with the general public a lot, so you want some of your personality to shine through.
  • Your personality can also be expressed in the Hobbies section. Mention something that shows you are able to work in a team or possess leadership qualities.
  • Mentioning digital competencies and stating specific software you are able to use can also come in handy to mention somewhere on your CV.

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