No one likes job hunting, but it can be a lot more fun when you are adequately prepared for the task. One way to go in with confidence is to have an excellent CV that perfectly represents your training, goals, work experience, and personality. If you are not sure how to get started, then you can review sample CVs from your industry, such as this technical sales manager CV example. This sample, along with the accompanying writing guide, will give you a useful foundation from which you can begin creating your own CV.


Andrew Blossom

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Personal Statement

Dynamic sales representative seeking to apply work ethic, mechanical aptitude, and leadership skill to advance the goals of a technical sales group. Use extraverted personality to build trust and forge authentic connections with customers and colleagues. Dedicated to learning how products function and determining how they will best serve customers. Regularly adjust work protocols and perform market research to achieve completion of sales. Ensure the success of my professional teams by ascertaining the strengths of team members and allocating duties appropriately.

  • Proficient in CRM and resource planning software including Salesforce, Oracle PeopleSoft, and SAP.
  • Strong background in mechanical studies that enables me to understand how technical product lines function.
  • Skilled at using friendly conversation to determine client needs and advise them as to how our products can meet those needs.
  • Efficient worker, able to manage time wisely and effectively.
  • Diligent self-educator, always seeking to increase the breadth and depth of my knowledge base.
  • Able to communicate clearly and naturally through email, over telephone, and in person.
Work Experience
Technical Sales Representative
2014- Present



  • Sell components for auto parts manufacturing company to retailers, wholesalers, mechanic shops, and dealerships.
  • Cultivate thorough comprehension of product line by reading industry journals, meeting with engineers, and touring manufacturing facilities.
  • Establish connections with potential clients and entice them to make purchases.
  • Tailor sales pitches to clients based on their financial parameters and merchandising needs.
  • Answer customer inquiries about products. Choose general or technical language based on customer understanding of product function.
  • Deliver presentations to fellow sales representatives every time new products are introduced.
  • Develop strategies to increase team sales rates and share strategies with teammates. Efforts have led to 3 percent profit growth over past two quarters.
  • Have earned highest individual sales numbers at company for two consecutive years.

Traveling Sales Representative



  • Traveled throughout United States promoting and marketing line of storage containers to retailers.
  • Framed sales pitches address client values and interests. Closed 93 percent of sales over 2-year period.
  • Followed up with clients regularly to foster customer loyalty and retention.
  • Consistently earned high customer satisfaction rankings on post-visit surveys.
  • Communicated with supervisors remotely. Ensured alignment with company goals by participating in daily conference calls and video chats.

Sales Assistant




  • Supported senior sales staff by developing client information database.
  • Researched clients prior to sales calls to determine relevant history and current market prospects.
  • Collected and analyzed sales data. Wrote and submitted reports to superiors.


Bachelor of Arts in English


University of Iowa
Auto Mechanic Certificate


Harold County Technical Institute
|Hobbies and Interests|

Passionate about mechanics. Perform my own auto and motorcycle repairs and build small motors for fun. Enthusiastic reader and writer. Love scouring used bookstores on weekends. Support local community by performing home repairs and yard work for elderly and disabled neighbors.



Technical Sales Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Technical Sales Manager Do?

Technical sales managers lead teams of people who sell technical products such as software, computers, and mechanical devices. As the candidate in the technical sales manager CV example does, you should emphasize your command of two main skill sets: communication and leadership. You will spend much of your day talking to clients, so you need to be comfortable making conversation and communicating in person, over the phone, and through emails. You must also thoroughly understand the products you sell so that you can answer both general and specific questions about them. Leadership skills are also crucial in this position. In your CV, you should highlight incidents where you successfully led groups of people to accomplish business goals. You must also demonstrate your ability to pinpoint the strengths of your various team members and delegate duties and assignments accordingly.

Tips for Creating a Great Technical Sales Manager CV

  • Communication is key for all salespeople, but it is especially important when your sales targets may have widely varying understanding of what you are selling. Emphasize your ease with conversation and your ability to explain complicated products using both casual and technical language.
  • Provide examples of your leadership experience, especially incidents where you generated positive outcomes for your team.
  • If the idea of including your graduation dates makes you uncomfortable for any reason, it is acceptable to omit them.
  • Diversify your vocabulary when writing about your work experience. Not only will your CV be more interesting to read, but you will also paint a more complete picture of your skills and accomplishments.

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