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When it comes to finding the job of your dreams, preparation is the key to success. One of the best preparations you can make is to create an outstanding CV that makes hiring managers look twice. To get started, determine what your potential employers may value by browsing some sample CVs from your industry. The front office executive CV example listed below demonstrates how to showcase your work history, and the accompanying writing tips explain how to highlight your achievements. Studying these guidelines will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to write a CV that wows recruiters.
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Mark Gordon

321 Maple Street, Albany, New York

E: P: 111-111-1111

Professional Summary

Self-possessed front office executive seeking to use composed personality, outstanding efficiency, and methodical decision-making ability to help business executives achieve their professional goals. Thorough researcher with a knack for preparing concise yet comprehensive reports and presentations on personnel, business models, and financial trends. Particularly gifted at eliminating budgetary and organizational waste. Use all available forms of technology, including management and financial software, to ensure successful completion of projects.

    ? Keep offices operating efficiently at all times by maintaining superior standard of organization.? Strong speaker and writer able to engage in clear communication with executives, colleagues, and customers.? Shrewd leader capable of recognizing strengths of lower-level staff and targeting training to heighten these strengths.? Extensive experience using QuickBooks to manage both office administration and business executive expenses.? Attentive listener skilled at remembering instructions and tracking numerous details.
Work Experience:
Front Office Executive

  • Collaborate with Fortune 500 executive to accomplish business objectives.
  • Prepare personnel reports on potential and newly acquired clients to inform executive of relevant data and history.
  • Research financial trends, relay findings to executive, and create presentations for executive to deliver to clients and colleagues.
  • Purchase airline tickets and hotel reservations approximately twice per month.
  • Track executive schedule and participate in daily update meetings.
  • Input executive conferences and appointments into Google Calendar.
  • Track office expenditures using Intuit QuickBooks.
  • Manage supporting administrative staff, assign projects, and oversee progress.

Office Manager

  • Managed human resources department’s general email account, communicating professionally with an average of 1000 individuals per week.

  • Transformed office purchasing and inventory system. Developed new ordering schedule, found better suppliers, and facilitated implementation of changes. Reduced office expenditures by 15 percent.

  • Spearheaded efficiency improvement venture, ultimately cutting visitor wait times from 15 to 5 minutes on average. Used Microsoft Project to distribute memos and share files with administrative staff.

  • Attended and documented meetings daily. Prepared weekly summary reports to keep management team informed of important developments.

  • Trained junior administrative staff on office practices and protocols.

Administrative Assistant

  • Distributed incoming phone calls, welcomed office visitors, and showed them to their appointments.
  • Reorganized overcrowded filing system. Eliminated unnecessary materials and incorporated digital record-keeping into new system.
  • Led office recycling campaign and arranged recycling services for every business in office park.

Bachelor of Arts in English

University of Delaware

Hobbies and Interests

Attend quarterly business management seminars at Convention Center in Washington. Periodic contributor to three financial advice blogs. Compete in doubles tennis competitions through local YMCA. Lifelong pianist and violinist.

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Front Office Executive CV Must-Haves

What Does a Front Office Executive Do?

Front office executives provide superior administrative support to advanced executives in demanding industries. Aside from standard administrative duties, such as managing communications and organizing paperwork, front office executives also conduct research and develop presentations on behalf of the executives who employ them. As in the front office executive CV example, your CV must highlight your aptitude for research and your ability to compile it into reports and presentations. This line of work demands extreme efficiency and attention to detail, so you should include examples of any organization projects you have successfully completed. Front office executives should also be proficient with accounting and project management software, so be sure to note any you know how to use. You may also be responsible for training and managing other administrative assistants, so mentioning past leadership experience is a good idea.

Tips for Creating a Great Front Office Executive CV

– You want executives to perceive you as someone who will help them achieve their goals, so use your Personal Summary to explain how your qualifications will help you do that.
– Don’t just say you are proficient in certain types of software, include examples of when and how you have used the software in the past.
– Your Hobbies and Interests section is a good place to inject a measure of your personality into your CV. Feel free to include interests that relate to your career as well as interests that are more personal in nature.
– When outlining your past experiences, include measurable results of your actions whenever possible. This gives employers evidence that you have a history of achieving success.


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