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It can be difficult to catch the attention of employers when you are applying to a new job opening. There are going to be many different candidates, which means you need to find a way to stand out. One of the best ways to make a strong impression is to create a strong curriculum vitae. Employers have strict expectations for each CV, and any that do not meet this standard may be overlooked entirely. To keep all the requirement straight while writing, take a look at this procurement officer CV example and review the included writing tips.
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Joan Smith

7234 Lido Lane, Boston, Massachusetts 11111

E: joan.smith@anymail P: 555-303-2946

Professional Summary

Skilled procurement manager with two years of experience at the managerial level and five years in the industry. Background in providing excellent service for large corporations that encounter detailed and ever fluctuating purchasing needs. Extremely detail oriented, with a positive, upbeat personality.

    – Thorough knowledge of governmental rules regarding purchasing – Skilled in Intuit Corel Paradox, Oracle DBMS, IBM Lotus Notes, and Ariba Spend Management Suite – Detail oriented for accurate recordkeeping – Ability to effectively analyze data – Clear written and oral communication – Background in training personnel and new hires – Strong sales personality for ensuring accurate transactions – Negotiation skills for competitive sales and leasing agreements – Critical thinking to arrange orders and make necessary adjustments – Thorough background in mathematical operations – Ability to compile, code, calculate, and audit data
Work Experience
Procurement Manager
June 2015 – Present

  • Represent large department store for negotiating contracts for consumer products.
  • Oversee activities of workers who buy, sell, and distribute products.
  • Process purchase orders and requisitions for products.
  • Communicate with prospective vendors to determine terms and availability.
  • Interview applicants and train staff using tailored training program.
  • Devise purchasing instructions and policies, and ensure proper procedure from both the company and vendors.
  • Prepare reports for costs and market conditions.
  • Work with other staff members to generate product specifications.
  • Resolve issues with contracts and supplies.
  • Maintain thorough records of orders.
  • Develop and implement organizational policies for the department.
  • Manage budget for purchasing department.
  • Create specifications for the delivery of new products.
  • Consider environmental impact when determining transportation needs.

Procurement Clerk
September 2012 – June 2015

  • Assisted procurement manager with buying duties.

  • Prepared purchase orders for suppliers.

  • Checked bills for accuracy against purchase orders.

  • Readied purchasing files, prices lists, and reports.

  • Looked over accuracy of shipments upon arrival.

  • Evaluated supplier bids for best match.

  • Kept abreast of inventory and made adjustments as necessary.

  • Reviewed orders for accuracy.

  • Communicated with suppliers for changes in shipment, including expedited shipping for shortages.

  • Tracked statuses of orders.

  • Answered supplier questions regarding order changes, status, and cancellations.

Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Boston College
Boston Massachusetts
Hobbies and Interests

Deliver pet supplies to homebound individuals through city pet program. Girl Scout troop leader for past five years.

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Procurement Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Procurement Manager Do?

Procurement managers are responsible for making crucial decisions regarding the acquisition of products and equipment. They analyze information to determine the best suppliers, and they oversee personnel to ensure streamlined acquisitions. Procurement managers must often adjust their orders and inventory according to the needs of the company. They must be able to see the big picture regarding customer need, the company budget, and changes in trends. When completing your CV, be sure to highlight your background in compiling and analyzing data and in making important and well-researched decisions. Our procurement manager CV example provides a detailed look at what a quality CV contains. Use it and our accompanying guidelines to ensure your document contains the necessary information to make you appealing to hiring managers.

Tips for Creating a Great Procurement Manager CV

The following tips can help you create a streamlined procurement manager CV:

– Use the Professional Summary as your “hook” to get the employer to keep reading. This is your place to shine.
– List your most recent position first, and list the rest in reverse chronological order.
– Use bullet points to break up the text for your job duties; list the most important duties first.
– Avoid including work experience from over 10 years ago, unless your section would be too incomplete without it.
– If you do list work experience over 10 years old, omit the dates of employment.
– Use a professional sounding email address instead of an informal one, such as skiingfreak@anymail. An email address that includes your first and last name is most clear.
– For your Professional Summary, write “years’ experience” or “years of experience,” instead of “years experience.”
– Start your list of skills and job duties with action verbs, such as “led” and “created.” Avoid “responsible for” or “accountable for,” as these are more passive phrases.
– Proofread your CV before submitting.


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