Senior Consultant Cover Letter Example + Tips

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When you apply for senior consultant jobs, you typically must submit resumes and cover letters. The cover letter is your opportunity to show your credentials, accomplishments, and knowledge of the field in narrative form. To that end, read over the free senior consultant cover letter sample below; there are additional resources after the sample as well.

Dear Mr. Ramirez,

Last month, I had the opportunity to meet some of your fantastic colleagues at the ABC trade show in Miami. Mr. Doe in sales mentioned that the company had an opening for a senior consultant, and after reading the job posting on your website, I believe I am the ideal fit.

Bold. Brash. Brilliant. I use these three adjectives to describe myself, and you use similar wording in your job description where you target savvy and smooth risk takers. I have worked as a consultant for companies in your field, including RST and MLN, and in each case, I boosted the company’s bottom line and overall business model.

My educational credentials include a MBA from Jack Doe University, and I have presented on such varied topics as enhancing company ethics, streamlining processes, and being transparent at conferences and seminars. My accomplishments include bringing RST completely out of debt in only one year and writing a well-reviewed book, “Consulting by the Numbers,” that is used in some MBA courses.

I would love to sit down with you so that we can discuss a possibly fruitful working relationship. I understand that your company is unhappy with its current financial state, and I have a few ideas that should help brighten the picture. Thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Senior Consultant Cover Letter

This free senior consultant cover letter sample makes a few things clear. First, it provides an important “in” via in-person networking. Next, it emphasizes the applicant’s extensive experience; senior consulting is not an entry-level job. It also sticks with tried and true methods, such as using four paragraphs and thanking the reader for his or her time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free senior consultant cover letter sample should give you good ideas for your own cover letter. It is also good to know top skills required for many senior consultants and to include them in your cover letters when applicable.

● Critical thinking: Senior consultants often must troubleshoot problems. They use out-of-the-box thinking and various logical processes.
● Ability to see the big picture: Frequently, a senior consultant helps with one big aspect of a business, for example its finances, its information technology, or its customer image. Consultants must be able to see the big picture while remaining attentive to details.
● Industry knowledge: Many senior consultants carve out niches, working in industries such as education, government, pharmaceuticals, and so on.
● Communication: Senior consultants must be effective communicators because they talk with a wide range of people and must convey their own ideas.