To get the job you want as a chiropractor, you must stand out from other applicants by showing off your best skills, education, and accomplishments. To do this, a professional CV is necessary. If you have never written a CV before and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, our professional chiropractic CV example can help you determine what to add to yours. With it, we’ve included some tips and tricks to help you create the best CV that you can.


Abby Smith

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Exceptionally skilled chiropractor with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Strong commitment to providing high-quality care for patients of all ages. Experienced in a range of health care settings, including shared practices, private practices, and rehabilitation centers. Reliable chiropractor who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure patients and co-workers alike are satisfied and comfortable. Routinely receives ongoing education to keep abreast of new developments in chiropractic care.

  • Reading comprehension skills for understanding patient records, insurance information, and other correspondence related to the chiropractic field.
  • Excellent time management skills as necessary for scheduling patient appointments and being available at the designated time.
  • Coordinated in using trunk strength along with arm, hand, and eye coordination to lift, move, and adjust patients as necessary.
  • Skilled at recognizing problems and using good judgment and quality decision-making skills to create and implement a plan to solve the problem.
  • Proficient in a range of relevant computer software and programs, including ChiroSoft, billing software, and scheduling software.
Work Experience
March 2010 – Present


  • Adjust patients’ necks and backs using the latest methods in chiropractic care to provide relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Maintain patient files, paying strong attention to detail and providing relevant information regarding treatment history, current treatment, and other relevant information.
  • Observe patients and analyze observations to create and implement personalized treatment plans.

January 2005 – March 2010


  • Coordinated work schedules and patient lists for other chiropractors who worked in the practice.
  • Provided expert guidance to patients regarding how much or how little activity they could do while injured or to avoid re-injuring themselves.
  • Coached new hires in the proper methods of handling patients both physically and emotionally.

Chiropractic Assistant
July 2000 – January 2005



  • Maintained inventory of office supplies and ordered them as necessary to ensure the office was always fully stocked.
  • Communicated with patients about their insurance policies and verified those policies with the respective insurance companies.
  • Transferred patients from the waiting room to the exam room and made them comfortable while they waited for their chiropractor.


Doctor of Chiropractic


Southern California University of Health Sciences


City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy spending time learning about new technology and methods in chiropractic as well as in other medical specializations. I also like to spend time checking out new restaurants in Los Angeles, visiting Griffith Observatory, and hanging out with my niece and nephew.


Chiropractic Job Overview and Tips

What Does Chiropractic Do?

A chiropractor is responsible for meeting with patients whose symptoms range from mild discomfort to severe pain. They assess the patient’s situation, come up with a plan for adjustment, and provide treatment as necessary. Some patients only need an adjustment once in a while; others see their chiropractor regularly. Chiropractors manipulate the spine and the rest of the musculoskeletal system. They may also deal with issues of sacral or pelvic misalignment. In addition to having good bedside manner, chiropractors must be detail-oriented, organized, and able to manage their time effectively. A more detailed skillset is available in the chiropractic CV example PDF that we have provided.

Tips for Creating a Great Chiropractic CV

Use the following tips and guidelines to help your CV showcase your best skills and professional assets.

  • Do ensure your CV is the right length. Use one page for an entry-level position, two for a professional-level position, and up to three pages for an executive-level CV.
  • Do not use an unprofessional email address or an email address for the company you currently work for. You can create a free, professional email address online.
  • Do use your professional summary to showcase up to three major skills as well as to your best soft skills and personality traits. You do not need to use complete sentences in this section.
  • Do not use repetitive language or begin sentences with responsible for. Use strong action words to begin each bullet point.
  • Do include relevant information such as internships, coursework, and organizations you belong to or completed in relation to chiropractic care.
  • Do not include your GPA or high school information on your CV.
  • Do proofread thoroughly to prevent silly mistakes that will make your CV look less professional.

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