Employers review dozens of resumes and CVs long before they ever meet with applicants. All this competition means that creating the strongest podiatry CV possible is very important; without this essential document, you risk losing out on ideal positions. You can identify ways to improve your CV by reviewing the podiatry CV example below and implementing the following valuable tips. A few small changes to your CV can make you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of future employers. As your professional experience grows, this document will change to reflect new accomplishments.


AnnaY. Mouse

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Highly trained licensed doctor of podiatry seeks to join a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient care through the implementation of best practices and data-driven solutions for personalized treatment and clinic management. With five years of experience as a practice partner and three as a member of an independent treatment facility, I bring dedication, attention to detail, and a comprehensive knowledge of modern healthcare standards to treatment. By supporting the efforts of other treatment team members, I accelerate the delivery of exceptional care and support practice growth.

  • Managing patients with corrective orthotic footwear
  • Treating podiatric nail disorders
  • Post-surgical care for diabetic patients
  • Networking with dermatologists, oncologists, and orthopedists for optimal recovery outcomes
  • Mentoring residents seeking education in podiatry, sports medicine, surgery, and dermatology
Work Experience
Doctor of Podiatry 2011 2016
Sports Medicine Rehab Clinic


  • Organized patient communication system to decrease missed appointments, improve patient education, and increase rate of patients returning for follow-up care.
  • Improved outreach to patients and community to grow practice and enter new markets.
  • Oversaw new patient intake and evaluation to begin specialized care.
  • Mentored residents training in podiatry and sports medicine to provide robust clinical education.

Doctor of Podiatry
2008 – 2011


Company Name

  • Consulted with other providers as associate physician of the Wellness Center to support comprehensive treatment of patients.
  • Reviewed tests and screenings to develop effective treatment plans for referred patients and current patients.
  • Supported patient recovery from sport-related injuries, auto accidents, and ski accidents with therapy and surgical referrals.
  • Referred patients to surgical teams and other specialists for focused care.

overseen by Dr. B. Hartwell, 2007 – 2008


Company Name


  • Co-authored paper detailing a meta-analysis of outcomes related to novel surgical techniques in elderly adult patients.
  • Prepared patient history notes for overseeing physician, and organized necessary reporting documentation.
  • Conducted patient exams and intake interviews to begin treatment plan development.
  • Maintained optimal operations within a fast-paced regional hospital while prioritizing exceptional patient experience.


Podiatry MD PhD


Anystate University


Hobbies and Interests

Outdoor recreation is a special passion of mine; I love distance running and cross-country skiing. Closer to home I practice amateur nature photography and portraiture. My family is an enthusiastic supporter of local community arts programs, including the Children’s Theater and Youth Performing Arts Foundation.


Podiatrist Job Overview and Tips

What Does Podiatry Do?

Doctors of podiatry treat disorders of the toes, foot, ankle, and lower extremities to help heal injuries, prepare for and recover from surgery, develop treatment plans for sports injuries, address diseases like diabetes that affect the feet, and much more. Some podiatrists focus their practice on fitting prosthetics and orthotics while others specialize in surgery or physical therapy. Many podiatrists work closely with other providers, including family doctors and surgeons. Providing patient care and networking with other providers should both be reflected in a CV; you can see how this information is presented in the podiatry CV example. This information strengthens a CV by concisely displaying your ability to accomplish these central tasks.

Tips for Creating a Great Podiatry CV

Consider the following tips to polish your CV:

  • Emphasize clinical experience, certification and licensure, and professional accomplishments. These sections will display your ability to practice your discipline while making contributions to your field and to the organizations you work for. Education is another vital section, although once a doctor’s professional career has been established, only the essential details need to be included.
  • Continuing education credits can be mentioned if recent and applicable training has been received. Journal publications, textbooks or manuals written, and conference presentations can also be mentioned if they relate to the position you are applying for. Be sure to include any credits for co-authorship and consultation.
  • Avoid including information that is too personal, such as religion and politics. State clearly and simply a few of your personal pursuits; significant detail does not need to be included. This is a good place to mention volunteer work or community engagement.

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