Submitting a curriculum vitae gives hiring recruiters an introduction to yourself and highlights your skills and experiences. Leveraging your CV the correct way allows you to demonstrate why your qualifications are superior to your competition and what core competencies make you the ultimate candidate. A well-written document will provide concise and informative statements in an organized way. This account manager CV example will give you an idea of how to write your own and what type of content to include. The accompanying tips are a valuable reference as you edit your document and make final changes.

Jared Earnest

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Successful account manager with over 10 years of experience working in sales and management. Enthusiastic and outgoing sales professional who enjoys working with people and providing insightful and honest product information to interested consumers. Organized, dependable, and energetic leader who has the proven ability to effectively motivate fellow colleagues. Confident communicator and able presenter in everything from sales pitches to departmental presentations. Reliable, trustworthy, and ethical professional who takes pride in building business, brand awareness, and product loyalty through integrity and honesty.

  • Confident presenter and effective communicator to guarantee seamless delivery of sales pitches and presentations.
  • Outgoing, motivated, and enthusiastic individual when providing information, answering customer questions, and demonstrating product use to customers.
  • Resourceful and creative to identify potential leads and establish new business opportunities.
  • Trustworthy and honest when working with customers to build brand awareness and establish product loyalty.
  • Timely, organized, and able to multitask to ensure all customers’ needs are met in a satisfactory way without compromising organizational efficiency.
  • Resilient and flexible to ensure successful outcomes even when situations Don’t go according to plan.
Work Experience
Account Manager                                                                          2010 – present



  • Oversee a portfolio of nearly 200 client accounts and act as the primary liaison between the consumer and the corporation.
  • Actively pursue new business through cold calling, researching leads, and visiting trade shows.
  • Strengthen and maintain current business through constant communication, dependable product delivery, and trustworthy relations.
  • Contribute ideas for marketing and advertisement of new products and assist in the development of engaging sales pitches.

Sales Representative                                                                        2005 – 2010



  • Increased annual, personal sales goals from 45 percent to nearly 90 percent from 2005-2010.
  • Successfully upsold complimentary products to nearly 60 percent of customers each year.
  • Received “Salesman of the Year” for three consecutive years from 2007-2010.

Customer Service
2003 – 2005


  • Communicated with sales professionals and customers to guarantee all promises were delivered.
  • Responded to upwards of 75 calls each day in reference to questions about product usage, billing, or complimentary products and services.
  • Contributed to cold calling and lead generation efforts to build and establish new business.




Masters in Marketing and Sales Management                                      2015


University of Nevada
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Business                                                              2009


University of Nevada
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Assistant professor at the University of Nevada where I teach a course on sales management. I enjoy traveling and have been to five of the seven continents. I am also passionate about all things camping, hunting, and fishing and look forward to spending time with family.


Questions for Your Account Manager CV

 How do you format an account manager CV?

Whether you’re switching industries or putting together a CV for the first time, knowing how to format your document can be a difficult task. We recommend reviewing our account manager CV sample to start determining what your final document should look like. Just like this sample, your CV should include a few basic sections, such as a professional summary statement, work experience section, skills section, and education section. If you want to take things a step further, we also recommend using our step-by-step CV maker to craft a winning CV for your impending job hunt.

 How do you make an account manager CV with no experience?

If you don’t have any experience as an account manager, you may wonder how to put together your CV without this information. As you can see from our account manager CV sample, the candidate lists that he has experience in customer service and sales. Both of these positions correlate directly to the skills needed for an account manager position, which may include resourcefulness, client interaction, and organization. Choose prior work positions that align with the skills required for the job posting and add these to your CV.

How do you describe achievements on your account manager CV?

One of the best ways to set your CV apart from other candidates’ is to include achievements on your document. These can go under your work experience section or under a special achievements section if you have room on the document. Make sure that if the achievement is a specific award or certification, you list its official title, why or how you received it, and the institution that presented you with the award.

How can you highlight team experience on an account manager CV?

As an account manager, you may work with multiple parties to provide your clients with a beneficial user experience. On our account manager CV sample, the candidate mentions that he is outgoing and enjoys working with people. You can note that you work well in a team starting with your professional summary and going into your skills section. Then, you can showcase any specific experiences you’ve had that involved working within a team under the work experience section of your CV.

How should you present software knowledge on an account manager CV?

There are two ways you can present software knowledge on your CV. First, you can mention this knowledge in the professional summary statement of your CV and state experience using certain software throughout your work experience section.

Second, you can list software knowledge directly under the skills section of your CV. For example, if you have experience with the Microsoft Office suite, you could simply put the phrase ” Microsoft Office suite knowledge” as a bullet point under your skills section.

Account Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does an Account Manager Do?

Account managers play a critical role in facilitating communication between valued clients and the company they work for. In this position, your primary responsibilities will include building business using tactics like cold calling and lead generation, maintaining business through active communication and reliable product delivery, and contributing ideas for product development and modification. Must-have skills include communication, organization, time management, honesty, resilience, and the ability to quickly learn about new products. The content in this professional account manager CV example is an illustration of a well-written curriculum vitae that is properly formatted and includes many of the skills and competencies listed above.

Tips for Creating a Great Account Manager CV

The following are some helpful tips to consider as you begin writing your curriculum vitae:

  1. Using numbers in your CV is always a wise idea, but even more prevalent for an account manager position. Demonstrating your growth in sales by using numbers can help recruiters visualize your drive and success.
  2. In your Work Experience section, highlight the most important job responsibilities you have held, focusing on different aspects of sales like finding new business, pitching, and follow up.
  3. Proofreading your work can be the difference between whether you get an interview. You may also consider having a couple of peers double check your work so you can guarantee a polished submission.
  4. Account managers have to be able to communicate, manage their time, and learn about new products. These are all valuable skills to highlight in the Skills section.
  5. In the Hobbies and Interest section, tell recruiters about yourself without sharing too much personal information. Oversharing can appear both narcissistic and unprofessional.

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