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Whether you are just starting out in the field or looking to move into a new position with a new employer, a remarkable CV highlights why you would be the right medical representative for the job.

Writing a professional CV is easier to do when you have an example and guidelines to help you along. Use the included professional medical representative CV example and writing tips to help you get started on drafting your very own tailored CV.


Francine Gibbins

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Qualified medical representative who has been in the industry for 17 years and has proven sales experience. Excellent communicator with negotiation and persuasion skills that draw clients in and keep them coming back again and again. Reliable, driven to succeed, and always early for every appointment.

  • Proficient in a variety of computer software, including accounting, scheduling, data mining, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management software.
  • Qualified sales expert with extensive knowledge of the best methods for promoting and selling products, including marketing strategies and product demonstrations.
  • Acutely aware of body language and other non-verbal response indicators to read audiences and adjust the demonstration or presentation accordingly.
  • Excellent communication skills, including written and oral skills in English and Spanish.
  • Exceptional customer service representative who understands how to assess client needs, evaluate satisfaction, and meet quality standards.
Medical Representative
May 2011 – Present


  • Meet with clients to negotiate terms and prices on sales agreements, draw up the contract, and ensure the document is signed by all necessary parties.
  • Visit medical facilities to evaluate their needs and discuss sales or products that would help employees be more productive.
  • Speak on the phone or in person with clients, answer questions, and address concerns regarding product availability, prices, and credit terms.
  • Inform customers about warranties, maintenance requirements, delivery schedules, and other information regarding their purchased products.

Medical Representative
June 2007 – May 2011


  • Navigated automated systems to maintain client records and make adjustments when necessary.
  • Contacted potential new clients and existing clients to discuss new products or services the company offered and how the client could benefit from them.
  • Provided customers with full-service estimates for projects, including the costs for services, products, equipment, installation, and production as well as detailing how the project could save the facility money.
  • Stocked product samples and educational materials to ensure customers could try products before buying them.

Medical Representative
July 2000 – June 2007



  • Assisted clients in choosing the best products and services to meet their facilities’ needs.
  • Provided ongoing technical support for equipment as needed and within warranty parameters.
  • Attended trade and sales meetings to track business trends, market conditions, industry developments, and environmental regulations.
  • Verified information of potential clients, including licenses, addresses, and credit scores.


Bachelor’s in medical office management


The Ohio State University
Courses in marketing and communication


The Ohio State University
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy volunteering for local organizations, including animal and homeless shelters. I also like to spend time going to the movies, thrifting, and having brunch with my family or friends.


Questions for Your Medical Representative CV

1. What does a good medical representative CV look like?

As you can see in our medical representative CV sample, a good CV contains certain sections. These include a header, professional summary, skills section, work history, education, and hobby section. As you work through your document, watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes. Eliminate unnecessary formatting changes, non-traditional fonts, shading, and colors. Choose skills that appear in the job description, and boost the impact of your achievements by combining them with value statements, such as percentages of money saved and other benefits to employers.

2. What technical skills should you put on a medical representative CV?

Medical representatives act as a go-between for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Some of the job requirements include promoting products, negotiating contracts, assessing sales performance, and resolving client concerns. As you write your CV, focus on soft and technical skills relevant to these duties. Choose skills directly from the job description when they are pertinent to your experience. If you’ve worked in specific medical fields, such as internal medicine, or have expertise in relevant software systems, include those as well.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of a medical representative CV?

Take a few moments to focus on the job requirements for positions that interest you and any of your strengths relevant to those positions. Place more emphasis on qualifications you can boost with specific examples. For example, if you’re proficient in computer software, include the specific types of software. Are you a sales expert? Boost the impact of that claim, as the jobseeker in our medical representative CV sample did, with examples. Limit this section to your most impressive qualifications. Standard formatting includes bullets and short sentence fragments.

4. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a medical representative CV?

Although CVs are naturally longer than resumes, it is still best to keep the document as concise as possible. This means focusing your previous work history descriptions on those achievements most impressive to hiring managers. Limit yourself to about six bullet points for your most recent jobs and fewer than that for older work experiences.

As you can see in our medical representative CV sample, you can include a lot of impressive information within a few bullet points. Rather than getting too caught up in a specific number of bullets, focus on word choice; the use of strong verbs; and including statistics, percentages, money saved, and other value-boosting statements.

5. How do you make a medical representative CV with no experience?

Fortunately, there isn’t one standard format for a good CV. This allows you to present your best information first, even if that information doesn’t come from a full work history. If you’ve recently graduated or are switching careers, present academic and personal achievements at the top of your document. For example, if you were at the top of your class and earned academic honors, share your education section before your transferable skills and present them in your qualifications section. Our CV builder helps jobseekers create personalized documents with little to no writing needed.

Medical Representative CV Must-Haves

What Does a Medical Representative Do?

A medical representative is responsible for selling medical equipment to hospitals, doctors’ offices, rehabilitation facilities, and other medical offices that could benefit from it. Medical representatives typically travel around the city and are sometimes expected to travel out of state. They must have enough medical knowledge to properly demonstrate or present products and services to potential clients and should be friendly, eager to help, and excel at communication.

Because of the fast-paced nature of the job, medical representatives must be highly organized, pay strong attention to detail, and have above-average time-management skills. A more detailed description of duties and responsibilities is available in the medical representative CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Medical Representative CV

The following writing tips will help you create a professionally written and formatted CV:

  • Do use a professional font that is not too small, not too large, and not a vivid color. Typically, hiring managers prefer Times New Roman in 10pt or 12pt black.
  • Do not list your duties and responsibilities in paragraph format. Instead, include a few bullet points for each experience listing, which is easier for a hiring manager to read.
  • Do focus on your scientific knowledge as well as your sales experience. Medical representatives must be able to accurately present and demonstrate the products they sell.
  • Do not use phrases such as “responsible for” or “duties included.” Each experience bullet point should start with a strong action verb.
  •  Do provide quantitative data when possible to prove your success as a medical sales representative. Examples might include selling $1 million worth of products in a month or being in the top 10 percent of sales representatives in your region.

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