If you want to get picked for job interviews and move your job search process along more quickly, you need to have an impressive CV. Creating a CV that gets your next employer’s attention is a manageable task if you have the right tools. Here, you’ll find a complete physician CV example that guides you through the formatting and construction of this essential document. Take a look at these helpful tips and get clearer ideas about what to write for your own CV or job application.


Aria McCabe

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled physician with 12 years of exemplary service in the medical field. Committed to providing excellent care and service to patients, listening to each individual’s concerns, and treating for whole body wellness. Experience in a variety of healthcare settings and with many different patient age ranges, from pediatric to geriatric. Determined team player who is able to collaborate with other medical staff to devise effective treatment solutions. Dedicated professional striving to maintain the high standards of the field.

  • Strong problem-solving abilities when confronted with a set of unique symptoms from a patient, allowing me to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Patient, compassionate, and caring when treating and counseling patients in practice, making them feel like they’re in good hands under my care.
  • Effective at multi-tasking and organizing duties, which has helped me be successful in the nonstop pace of a busy medical clinic or department.
  • Excellent at communicating with colleagues within my department and with patients and family members about next steps in care.
  • Solid background in pharmacology and all aspects of medical practice giving me a wide variety of knowledge about what therapies work best for each condition.
Work Experience
May 2012 – present


Company Name

  • Develop treatment plans for patients with chronic conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and other problems with internal systems.
  • Provide care, treatment, and advice for acute health conditions for patients in the family practice setting including infections, injuries, and illnesses.
  • Lead a team of five resident physicians in the internal medicine department and counsel new staff on procedures and best practices.

Attending Physician
June 2008 – May 2012



  • Treated illnesses in a family clinic setting by administering prescription medicines, recommending specialized care, or providing therapy.
  • Reviewed medical records and charts of each patient before and during a visit to understand health history, record actions, and maintain accurate information.
  • Achieved top patient satisfaction scores on post visit surveys, including 98% being highly satisfied with their medical care and advice.

Resident Physician
April 2005 – June 2008




  • Diagnosed specific medical conditions based on observation, physical examination, wellness history, and patient concerns.
  • Recognized by the hospital of employment as one of the top new residents in the program with high marks from colleagues and patients.
  • Collaborated with attending physicians and other residents when delivering top-quality medical care in a fast-paced emergency room department in a hospital.




Johns Hopkins Hospital
City, State
Doctor of Medicine


Johns Hopkins University Medical School
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I run several marathons each year and spend my days off and down time working to increase my physical endurance and speed. I am involved in several community charities throughout my state. I support my area’s local homeless shelter by providing free physician services once a month.



Questions for Your Physician CV

1. How do you write a physician CV?

A physician CV follows the same basic principles as any other CV. Use action-oriented language that begins every sentence with powerful action verbs, and follow with a well-structured, bullet-based format that presents a clean format and uses easy-to-read fonts.

Our physician CV sample shows an example of this, but to break it down into sections, you should open with your contact information, then a three-line professional summary. Include skill keywords for search matching, then your work history followed by your education. For more help on building a great personalized CV, try our CV builder.

2. How do you write the experience section of your physician CV?

The experience section of your physician CV should break down the last 10-15 years of your work history. Start with your most recent job, listing the employer name, city, state or county, years of experience, and your job title.

From there, break down your tenure with that employer in a series of six to eight bullet points using action-driven language and mixing in a strong representation of accomplishments versus job duties.

3. How do you list schools in a physician CV?

Schools belong in your education section, as in our physician CV sample. List them in reverse chronological order, associated with the degree, training, or certification you received.

However, there may be some overlap between education and work experience when it comes to residencies. How you write this depends on if you detail your residencies or not. If your residencies are older and you have had extensive work experience since then, you can list them as part of your education.

If you have little work experience and rely on your residencies to showcase your abilities, write them out as work experience with the schools or hospitals you worked at as if they were employers.

4. What can you do to make your physician CV stand out?

Accomplishments are always your best bet to spotlight your physician CV and make you stand out from the crowd. Employers want to see that you made active contributions in your field and that you drove positive improvements to your practice or any hospital facility that employed you.

Showcase new medical programs you may have launched, or how you improved patient outcomes and reduced recurrences. Write these achievements in bullet format under their associated job, mixed in with your job duties.

5. How do you optimize your physician CV for an ATS?

The term “ATS” stands for Applicant Tracking System, and for many jobseekers, these systems can be the bane of your job search. Before a person ever sees your CV, these tracking systems use screening algorithms to scan the text of your CV for particular keywords and assign a match score. If you don’t meet the minimum match score, you don’t pass to the next stage of screening.

Avoid this problem by including a list of keyword skills like the one in our physician CV sample. Mine these keywords from target jobs, striving to optimize your match percentage without keyword stuffing. Adjust them as needed with each new job you apply for.

Physician CV Must-Haves

What Does a Physician Do?

In the medical field, physicians hold one of the key roles in helping people stay healthy. Physicians work in various settings, including small private practice offices and large health centers. The general physician is also known as an internist or a doctor of internal medicine. Each day, physicians see a variety of patients in office visits for routine medical exams, treatment of illnesses, or emergency situations.

Physicians may also work in tandem with a dedicated medical staff of nurses, assistants, and other specialists. They perform physical examinations, investigate symptoms, discuss health history, prescribe treatment, and provide advice to their patients. In the physician CV example, you can get a taste of some of the most common duties and skills you need to highlight.

Tips for Creating a Great Physician CV

Now that you have a few ideas about what the format looks like and what to write for your physician CV, it’s best to get started. Here are a few more things you shouldn’t forget when putting your CV together:

  • Have your CV rise to the top of the pile by making sure your word choice is purposeful and your document is free from embarrassing errors.
  • Make your professional summary shine at the top of your document with concise details about why you are the perfect person to hire.
  • Go beyond the basics of your job responsibilities as a physician; indicate how you care for patients in your work history section.
  • Don’t forget to include metrics for anything that is measurable, such as providing free medical care to the homeless shelter once per month.
  • Give employers a sense of your other positive attributes with relevant hobbies listed at the end of your CV.

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