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The further up the career ladder you go, the more competitive securing new positions may become. Once you reach an executive or administrator level, the odds are that all applicants bring an impressive list of qualifications with them. Exactly how you choose to list yours could end up being what lands you the job. Presenting your skills and experience in a well-composed curriculum vitae reveals who you are without including any unnecessary details that may confuse or bore a reader. Shown here is a hospital administrator CV example for you to use as guide when creating your own document.

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Jill Johnson

9876 Richards Way, Sacramento, California 11111

E: jjohnson@youremail P: 555-777-6666

Professional Summary

Healthcare management professional with 17 years of experience in facility oversight looking to take next step in career progression. Past roles have helped build experience in healthcare regulatory compliance, clinical processes, public relations, budget and financial analysis, as well as employee and resource management. Have excelled in every prior position, producing results and growth that have exceeded expectations. Understand the role of a healthcare facility in a community, and have experience working with civic leaders in public wellness initiatives.

  • -Excellent leadership skills in working with both the clinical and non-clinical sides of healthcare. -Expert knowledge of regulatory standards and protocols. -Strong understanding of sound financial management practices. -Adept at conflict resolution. -Good communicator and listener.
Work Experience
Regional Clinic Manager
August 2010 – Current

  • Manage the operations for three outpatient family practice clinics supported by regional healthcare network.
  • Oversee the hiring and credentialing of all clinical staff, as well as the training and supervision of non-clinical personnel.
  • Work with corporate data warehousing team to input and maintain patient information in enterprise electronic medical record.
  • Supervise the procurement of all medical equipment and supplies, budgeting, and payroll.
  • Monitor facility compliance to all Joint Commission standards, and arrange continuing education opportunities for clinic employees.

Finance Director
July 2005 – August 2010

  • Directed the financial department for local medical center.

  • Supervised a staff of 26 employees tasked with monitoring department expenses and workflow, preparing department and facility budgets, and pricing procedures and services.

  • Coordinated with contract management team to help negotiate fee schedules with insurance providers to ensure that reimbursement for services was adequate to cover facility and provider costs.

  • Reported financial progress to facility director in quarterly meetings and annual budget analysis to company executives at the end of every fiscal year.

  • Helped reduce facility expenditures by over 20 percent during tenure, which produced a cumulative budget surplus of $16 million.

Compliance Coordinator
May 2000 – July 2005

  • Tasked with ensuring regulatory compliance of all clinical and non-clinical services for local hospital and five satellite clinics.
  • Traveled to annual update meetings offered by the Center for Medicare Services to discuss issues such as policy changes and coding and reimbursement updates.
  • Worked with facility administrators to develop action plans to help implement policy updates in daily operations.
  • Educated clinical and non-clinical personnel on matters such as proper charting and documentation, correct procedure and diagnosis coding, and claims submission guidelines.
  • Coordinated with external audit teams conducting compliance checks on four separate occasions.

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

California State University
Long Beach California
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Orfalea College of Business-California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo California
Hobbies and Interest

Avid cyclist who enjoys competing in road races. Backup singer for local classic rock tribute band. Lifelong fan of the Oakland Athletics.

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Hospital Administrator CV Must-Haves

What Does a Hospital Administrator Do?

As you read through the hospital administrator CV example provided, you’ll notice that the details included in the work experience and skills sections emphasize some of the same points. That’s because the information that you include in your CV should reflect a strong understanding of the general responsibilities that come with a position. Hospital administrators are tasked with managing all of the operational aspects of healthcare facilities. This includes ensuring that a hospital has all of the clinical resources needed to meet the demands of its local patient population. Administrators also oversee all of a facility’s non-clinical operations, including public relations, business office operations, and environmental services. They are required to have a working knowledge of all federal and state healthcare regulations, and to work a facility’s financial department with government and private insurance payers to negotiate payment for both technical (facility) and professional (provider) services.

Tips for Creating a Great Hospital Administrator CV

The purpose of your CV is to present you as a qualified professional who has all of the skills and experience necessary to fill the position being applied for. Those reading your document should be able to see this before ever having you in for an interview. In order to accomplish this goal with your CV, keep the following writing tips in mind as you’re completing and reviewing it:

– Tailor the CV to the position you’re seeking to avoid including any irrelevant information.
– List work experience chronologically, highlighting whatever past leadership roles you’ve held.
– Organize important details into bullet points so that they are easy for readers to find within your document.
– Keep your CV free of any political opinions or religious views as these could serve to alienate certain groups of readers.
– Only go as far back as your undergraduate studies when listing your educational background.
– Do not rely on word processing tools to review your document. Re-read it several times yourself to check for errors before submitting it.