Write the Perfect Resume Summary Statement

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A perfectly written resume summary statement will catch the eye of hiring managers. My Perfect Resume has a large library of tips and examples to show you how to write a resume summary statement to make your own. Our resume builder will guide you in the writing with pre-written examples by career experts. Use our simple tools and resume examples below to write your job-winning professional resume summary.


Top 10 Resume Summary Statement Writing Tips

  • Include the Necessities

    Open your summary statement by writing about who you are, what you do, and stating your years of experience. Read the job description and emphasize your most applicable strength.

  • Focus on Qualifications

    Focus on your qualifications for the position in your resume summary statement writing. Don’t mention what you want from the company, instead explain how your skills can benefit the company.

  • Keep It Short

    Keep your summary statement short, just a few sentences. It should be written to encourage employers to keep reading, Mention a specific experience or achievement to show you’re qualified for the job.

  • Customize each time

    Customize your resume summary statement to each job you apply for. Even if you’re applying for the same job title at different places, you need to write a tailored the summary to each posting.

  • Do Your Research

    Research a variety of job postings for similar job titles to understand the skills and experience the industry requires. This will focus your summary statement writing on the right skills and experiences.

  • Use Keywords

    Keywords are specific words or phrases that appear in the job description and posting. Use these words in your resume summary statement to show you have the exact qualities and skills the employer wants.

  • Be Descriptive

    Your professional summary statement writing should be descriptive. Instead of “multitasking,” you balanced multiple responsibilities. You didn’t “manage” the department; you developed a team.

  • Use Action Verbs

    Write using action verbs to demonstrate what you’ve accomplished. Use verbs like “launched” instead of “initiated” and “spearheaded” instead of “led” to capture the hiring manager’s attention.

  • Sell Yourself

    Use the writing in your resume summary statement to sell yourself to the employer. You have just a few sentences to convince hiring managers that you are a qualified candidate for the position.

  • Don’t Summarize Your Resume

    Your summary statement writing should enhance the details in the resume. Like a cover letter, it’s a chance to expand on your experience and achievements so hiring managers see you as a great candidate.

How Your Summary Statement Fits the 3 Resume Formats

The resume summary statement is placed near the top of your resume. It serves the same purpose in each of the three resume formats — chronological, functional, and hybrid. Consider the resume types your industry prefers before deciding which format works best. Check out our employer-tested resume templates to find one that suits the presentation of your professional summary statement.

Chronological Resume:

The chronological style lists your work experience from most recent to least recent. In this format, the summary statement goes between the contact information and the work history section. Here, the summary statement allows hiring managers to quickly see whether candidates have the necessary job skills.

Functional Resume:

The summary statement goes after contact information and before the skills section. Functional resumes emphasize job-specific skills. Resume summary statements work well with this type of resume because they provide context for your job-specific skills, experience, and career goals. This makes it easy for employers to see what you offer them.

Hybrid Resume:

The hybrid format is a combination of the chronological and functional formats. In a hybrid resume, the summary statement goes immediately after the contact information at the top of the resume. Hybrid resumes are good for those with limited work experience or gaps in employment, so having a summary statement is the best way to highlight your job-specific skills.

Perfect Resume Summary Statement Examples

Satellite TV Installer

High-energy, customer service-oriented professional with strong knowledge of electronics, a high school diploma, and one year of experience as a satellite TV installer. Adept at problem-solving and customer communication.

Civil Engineer

Results-oriented professional with a B.S. in civil engineering and successful completion of EIT and Principles and Practice in Engineering exam. Knowledgeable in Civil 3D and AutoCAD, customer-focused, and strong interpersonal communication skills.


Engaging college professor with PhD in rhetoric and composition and seven years’ experience teaching university classes in person and online. Published treatises on gender and sexuality bias in mainstream media and spearheaded interdisciplinary courses on the role of rhetoric in politics.

Resume Summary Statements for You

ATS Help for Your Resume Summary Statement

Your perfectly written professional summary statement has one major hurdle it has to cross: the applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS scans resumes for keywords and phrases recruiters include in the job description. Many companies use ATS software to thin out the list of applicants. My Perfect Resume has tools to help make your summary statement writing keyword rich. Our builder assists you with pre-written examples crafted by career experts to improve your chances of passing an ATS review.

How My Perfect Resume Helps You Write a Perfect Summary Statement

You can write the perfect summary section with My Perfect Resume Builder’s tools and guidance. You’ve taken great care to build your career, now let our resume builder do the job of polishing your summary statement section with:

  • Employer-tested templates designed for easy customization for every job
  • Pre-written resume summary statement examples crafted by career experts
  • Quick hiring results as job seekers who use our resume builder report being hired 33% faster.

Your summary statement is the first thing hiring managers see on your resume, so it is crucial that it is well-written. My Perfect Resume is here to help so you can get the job you deserve.