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Everyone knows that impressing your future employer at the interview stage is the best way to secure a great job. If you’re having trouble getting invited to interviews, you may need some help in constructing your curriculum vitae. Writing a customized CV can be a much easier process if you take a look at the optometrist CV example that is presented below. You can see how the document details your professional summary, work history, educational achievements, and relevant skills and hobbies. This way, you can increase your hiring potential and interview success.
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Evan Michaelson

12 Poplar Road, Harrisburg, PA 11111

E: emichaelson@anymail.com T: 555-662-2209

Professional Summary

Talented optometrist with a strong commitment to service in the optometry field. Professional with more than 19 years of experience assisting patients with vision care. Passion for helping others solve vision problems and improve their quality of life with the right type of vision correction. Expertise in optometry technology tools and solutions to make accurate diagnoses and determine ideal prescription lenses for patients. Friendly and caring healthcare provider with excellent customer service skills.

    -Patient and caring medical provider when working with patients, giving them a sense of comfort during uncomfortable parts of the examination. -Knowledgeable about all aspects of eye care and vision health, which helps promote healthy habits for vision with patients and the community. -Strong ability to persuade and promote eye care practice products and services, such as accessories for glasses, specific brand names, and elective vision procedures. -Excellent problem solver and critical thinker when evaluating observations and analyzing test results to make the right diagnosis. -Proven record of results with satisfied patients who continue to use my services and trust my judgment for all of their vision care needs.
Work Experience
January 2014 – present

  • Measure patient vision using optometry instruments, and determine the need for vision correction in the form of prescription glasses or contact lenses.
  • Discuss proper eye care health procedures when using contact lenses or glasses, and demonstrate procedures for cleaning.
  • Maintain a strong patient base, including a 15% increase in referrals due to building relationships with other physicians in the region.

November 2008 – January 2014

  • Diagnosed various eye conditions, including color blindness, glaucoma, myopia, and hyperopia, and provided referrals or prescription recommendations for vision correction.

  • Reviewed visual and health battery test results when considering the best treatment plan for various eye health conditions.

  • Improved office contact lenses sales by 25% through contact lens informational sessions for patients who were interested in trying them out for the first time.

July 1998 – November 2008

  • Conducted pre-operative and post-operative care for patients going through laser vision correction surgery or cataract correction procedures.
  • Collaborated with the ophthalmologist when patients needed an additional eye care professional for various diseases and conditions.
  • Increased the number of new laser vision correction patients by 14% during the first year of employment at the practice.

Optometry Internship

Wells Eye Care
Villanova Pennsylvania
Doctor of Optometry

Villanova University
Villanova Pennsylvania
Hobbies and Interests

During my time off, I participate in many activities that are based on the water. I am an avid fisherman and boater, and take time to go out on the lake with my boat whenever the weather is right. I have competed in several rowing competitions throughout my life since my college days.

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Optometrist CV Must-Haves

What Does an Optometrist Do?

Optometrists are medical providers who focus on vision health and care. They typically work in medical offices in private practice or with large corporate eye care chains. Each day, optometrists examine and evaluate their patient’s vision ability and detect potential eye problems. For patients who may need vision correction, an optometrist can write a prescription for corrective lenses or contacts. Optometrists may assist patients with selecting the right type of glasses or contact lens brand that meets their needs as well. In some areas, optometrists can also prescribe medications for eye problems. The optometrist CV example gives a solid overview of all of these responsibilities and shows a potential employer what to expect.

Tips for Creating a Great Optometrist CV

Once you have an idea of how you want to prepare your CV, you should start working on your customized version. Here are additional suggestions to make your CV great:

– Show off your strong customer service skills and sales ability by mentioning the specific ways you’ve improved or helped your optometry practices with product lines and services.
– Demonstrate your knowledge of the role of an optometrist by discussing how you support overall eye health and lifestyle choices for better vision.
– Give information about your bedside manner as a healthcare provider by talking about your ability to make people feel at ease.
– Make your professional summary as strong as possible by relaying important information about your top skills and best achievements.
– Avoid any mention of inappropriate personal information, but do include impressive hobbies and interests that show a potential employer more information about your personality and passions.


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