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More and more professionals are turning to the CV as a job search tool, because the curriculum vitae provides more opportunities for professionals to demonstrate the full range of their skills, experience, and professional accomplishments. As you put together your CV for your next position, check out the surgeon CV example below to see how to effectively and efficiently present information. That way, you will have a better idea about what to do to make your CV pop.
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Athena Dillon

1023 Eldon , Grand Rapids, MI 49999

E: T: 616-555-5238

Professional Summary

General surgeon with eight years of experience as an attending, as well as broad medical experience prior to completing medical school. Past positions have included both emergency departments and independent clinic work. Excellent bedside manner and patient communication skills developed through more than a decade of combined schooling and teaching experience.

    -Literate with information technology and HIM, including fluency with industry-standard medical database software. -Command knowledge of a diverse range of surgical procedures appropriate to emergency response, trauma surgery, and thoracic surgery. -Analyze and synthesize the results of various imaging scans to make decisions about patient care and surgical planning. -Communicate clearly and effectively to residents and medical students under a variety of high-pressure situations to maintain quality patient care in a teaching environment. -Excellent problem sensitivity and perceptive skills developed over a decade in surgical environments.
Work Experience
Attending Surgeon
September 2009 – Present

University of Michigan Hospitals

  • Lead and assist in a variety of surgical procedures to address abnormalities, injuries, birth defects, and occasionally unwanted growths from patients under a variety of circumstances.
  • Communicate with patients and other medical professionals to create a treatment plan that includes preoperative preparations, surgical protocols, and postoperative care.
  • Prepare reports and other forms of documentation to keep patient charts updated around the clock during pre- and post-surgical hospital stays.

Surgical Resident-
July 2007 – June 2009

Princeton Plainview

  • Assisted attending surgeons in a rotating schedule that provided rounded experience and guidance throughout the residency program.

  • Extra rotations included additional time in neurosurgery and differential diagnostics

  • Responsible for communicating treatment plans with patients and providing follow-up care.

Paramedic – Life Ambulance Services
April 1999 – June 2002

  • Provided care as a first responder in a variety of emergency medical situations.
  • Prepared and submitted documentation about the care and symptoms of each patient to facilitate the handover of records at patient transfer.
  • Communicated in real time with other medical professionals to ensure each patient received adequate care during and after transfer to an emergency medical facility.


Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
Seattle WA
Doctor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore MD
Hobbies and Interests

I like to volunteer my time and practical services in a variety of clinical situations during my off time. I do this by holding clinic hours in a couple of nearby clinics that service the metro Detroit area, and have occasionally taken sabbaticals from the University of Michigan to participate in Doctors Without Borders.

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Surgeon CV Must-Haves

What Does a Surgeon Do?

Surgeons are doctors whose primary professional function has to do with the correction of illness, abnormality, or injury through modification of the body. They can operate in a variety of specialties but must all go through general surgical training, which includes rotations in different surgical departments. Surgeons occupy a variety of roles over the course of their careers, including training as residents and teaching as attending physicians and department heads.

During the course of the day, surgeons not only perform procedures, but also the diagnostic, planning, training, and surgical aftercare that is necessary to ensure patients have proper support throughout the surgery and recovery process. This includes surgical follow-ups, the presentation of surgical plans for procedures that deviate from protocol, and the use of medical imaging technology to view the abnormalities and injuries the surgery seeks to correct. Check out the surgeon CV example above for more information.

Tips for Creating a Great Surgeon CV

When you work on your own curriculum vitae, use these tips to sharpen your copy until your CV pops:

-Remember that the professional summary is not the same thing as an objective. It should explain your experience and skills briefly, providing an overview.
-As you write out the details of your experience and training, note the accomplishments that set your residency and your work experience apart.
-Medical positions are competitive, so remember to use plenty of action verbs at the beginning of your skills and your work experience details to catch the reader’s attention.
-The CV is designed to give a more rounded image of a candidate than a resume makes possible. Be sure you take advantage of this by showcasing your hobbies and interests, especially if they tie back to the profession.
-Make sure you proofread your CV carefully, not only for mistakes, but to groom the language until there is no excess wordiness or dead weight, only relevant information.


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