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Resume Templates: Surgeon


Surgeons are some of the most important people in the world. They save lives and snatch patients from the jaws of death. When you are a surgeon, your reputation should precede you. Likewise, your resume should represent you and your skills and expertise. Call attention to the skills and experience that set you apart and let your resume make a great first impression of you to hiring managers.

Surgeons specialize in a certain field, so be sure to note what your areas of expertise are. Note your certifications and experience in a prominent spot on your resume. Surgeons should always be innovative and up to date on the latest best practices, so be sure to mention conferences you have spoken at, white papers you have written, or groundbreaking processes you have developed. Use your resume to impress potential employers and let them know that you have what it takes to save lives.

Need more guidance on creating your resume? See the surgeon sample resume below for more examples of resume success.

Resume Templates: Surgeon

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Mark Holstein 100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234



Skillful Cardiovascular Surgeon performing a wide range of surgical procedures while expertly overseeing an operating room staff. On the forefront of cutting edge surgical techniques. Committed to exceptional patient care that includes careful monitoring during procedures and follow-up care to confirm the outcome of procedures.


    • Updated knowledge of cardiac surgery techniques
    • Familiarity with current medical terminology
    • Excellent fine motor skills
    • Proven crisis management abilities
    • Ability to identify complications during procedures
    • Remarkable ability to quickly apply reasoning skills
    • Ability to quickly respond to medical emergencies
    • Effective communications skills


Work Experience

January 2012 to Present Cardiac Care Center–New Cityland, CA Surgeon
• Administer medications to restore normal heart rhythm.
• Follow established guidelines for requesting diagnostic tests before procedures.
• Perform resuscitation procedures when necessary.
• Examine and evaluate patients before and after procedures.
• Provide follow-up care instructions.
• Suture wounds to stop or prevent blood loss. June 2007 to December 2011 Mercy Hospital–New Cityland, CA Surgeon
• Explained procedures to patients before scheduling surgery.
• Carefully monitored patient reactions and vitals during procedures.
• Assisted with research into new cardiac surgery techniques.
• Interviewed candidates for more experimental procedures, explained the risks and answered questions.
• Lead surgical teams during especially difficult or risky procedures.
• Prepared all necessary documentation before and after surgeries were performed.
• Expeditiously reacted to any unforeseen complications. October 2003 to June 2007 Community General Hospital–New Cityland, CA Surgeon
• Performed routine and emergency cardiac procedures.
• Examined patients before procedures to determine if they were a good candidate for the intended procedure.
• Answered questions from patients and family members prior to procedures.
• Explained surgical procedures to patients in a way that was easily understandable.
• Completed discharge summaries following procedures.



2003 University of California, New Cityland, CA Master of Science, Cardiology