Sales Resume Examples

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Here’s A Few Of Our Resume Samples

Merchandiser Retail Representative Part Time
Merchandiser Retail Representative Part Time
Don’t apply until you perfect your merchandiser retail representative part time resume.
Assistant Manager
Assistant Manager
Looking to get a management position? An effective assistant manager resume is the place to start.
Event Specialist
Event Specialist
If someone asks “where’s the party?” and you’re always the one with the answer, consider turning that talent into a job.
Assistant Managers
Assistant Managers
Want to move up in sales? Our assistant managers resumes are here to help.


Sales has been called the highest-paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work in the corporate world. Any sales resume that shows ambition is going to get the attention of sales managers and hiring managers. As you prepare to move your sales career forward, remember to update your sales resume to reflect the changes in your career.

Job Description for Sales

A sales professional is the liaison between a company and its client base. The sales professional has to be skilled in presenting product, putting information into a format that clients can easily understand, maintaining client accounts, and exceeding client expectations. The sales resume of a successful sales professional has skills such as public speaking and relationship building as its highlights. The sales professional is responsible for seeking out new clients and turning prospects into paying customers. A sales resume should outline the list of notable accomplishments a sales professional has accumulated during his career that show an ability to find good leads and turn them into clients.

Education & Training Requirements

A sales resume should include some kind of business educational background. Sales professionals who work in fields such as engineering, aerospace, and industrial equipment should also have an educational background that is specific to their industry on their sales resume. A good sales professional is constantly looking to upgrade their knowledge base and enhance their skills. A sales resume should list all of the seminars and sales specific training that a professional has had throughout their career. A sales resume should also include any industry specific training that was part of the sales professional’s development. Any kind of training that relates to the sales profession should appear on a sales resume.

Salary Range

In the United States, an experienced sales professional with a respectable sales resume can expect to make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year. Most sales jobs have a base salary and commission component. Experienced sales professionals should consider forgoing some of the base salary in lieu of a strong commission structure to take advantage of the experience on their sales resume. The resources on this page will offer good examples of what an effective sales resume will look like. Utilize these sales resume resources and showcase your talents to advance your sales career.


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