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Grants Administrative Assistant

What It’s Like to work as a Grants Administrative Assistant

Often working for corporations, colleges and universities or nonprofit groups, a Grants Administrative Assistant typically provides support to a funding staff under the supervision of a Grants Manager. The work frequently includes reviewing the initial grant inquiries, providing assistance with the grant closure process, requesting additional information from applicants, preparing and disbursing grant award letters and agreements, and developing an understanding of each grant program’s criteria and objectives. Work within field may extend to providing administrative support to related departments, in addition to performing duties assigned by the Grant Manager.

Benefits of Working as a Grants Administrative Assistant

Most Grants Administrative Assistants benefit from steady work, regular hours with overtime rarely required, and excellent job security due to the low turnover rate within occupations of this nature. Salaries typically offered to Grants Administrative Assistants are generally competitive. Applicants with excellent communications abilities and good people skills tend to benefit the most from the everyday challenges that frequently come with this job, not to mention the added benefit of knowing that many grants support worthwhile causes and research endeavors.

Why You Need a Grants Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

A well crafted Grants Administrative Assistant cover letter is more than just a supplement to your attached resume. When prepared the right way, it can be an effective selling tool that compels a potential employer to take a look at your resume. A cover letter is essentially an opportunity to introduce yourself on a more personal level by emphasizing some of your most appealing qualities and character traits while presenting a few key career highlights and achievements. If you need some inspiration before customizing your own Grants Administrative Assistant cover letter, feel free to browse the cover letter samples you’ll find on MyPerfectResume.

Grants Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example