Office Clerk Cover Letter Example & Templates

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The more involved a position is, the more likely it is to require a cover letter from applicants. It can seem like a pain, but a cover letter is actually an excellent tool to help you land your dream job. It gives you free space to talk up your best skills and qualifications for the job. The information should be clear, concise, and engaging. Use the free office clerk cover letter sample below for inspiration when drafting your document.

Dear Mr. Hanson,

Smooth maintenance of the day-to-day functions of an office is critical to success in any business sector. I am writing to offer my experience with accounting, clerical, and general administrative work, and I consider myself an excellent candidate for the vacant office clerk position at your firm.

As requested in your advertisement, I am skilled in accounting support and general office duties, from proofreading and note taking to managing complex executive schedules. I am a fast learner with a can-do attitude and believe these and other qualities make me an ideal fit for this job.

Throughout my career working as office support, I have perfected skills in dictation and transcription, updating and maintaining critical records, managing schedules, and arranging appointments. In accordance with the job description, I also have extensive experience with Microsoft Office Suite as well as several types of cloud-based file storage systems.

In summary, I am a long-time administrative support staffer who is able to streamline office functions and improve productivity. I would be glad to talk more about my qualifications in a formal interview. I look forward to hearing from your company with more information. Thank you.

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What to Include in an Office Clerk Cover Letter

While the details of each cover letter should be customized, there are a few pointers that stay the same no matter what. In your version of this free office clerk cover letter sample, keep the length at roughly one page to help ensure it gets read thoroughly. Maintain a professional tone that incorporates details from the job description, but avoid clichés. As shown in the sample, open by greeting the hiring manager personally, and always remember to close with a thank you.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

When customizing your version of this free office clerk cover letter sample, you will want to make sure to highlight skills that speak specifically to the job. Here are just a few qualities you might want to call out:

  • Punctuality: You may need to arrive early to open the office or to provide support for important meetings.
  • Friendliness: It’s important to have a friendly voice or face when answering calls and handling office visitors.
  • Organized: This is crucial. You should be comfortable managing calendars and appointments.
  • Listening: You may need to take dictation, so it’s important to listen and follow instructions.