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Office Manager

What It’s Like to Work as an Office Manager

A successful Office Manager is the hub of the office is the go-to person to get things done. Responsibilities of the position include managing workflow, supervising employees, and keeping records. They are responsible for maintaining the efficiency and productivity of the office. In addition, Office Managers track budget expenditures, files and employee records. They often serve in an HR capacity by being responsible for the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of new employees and, when required, the termination of old ones. They ensure that all employment documents are verified and signed and they provide company employee policy documents to all new employees.
The responsibilities of Office Manager positions vary depending on the size of the company. In very large corporations, there is room for advancement because of the integral understanding of company operations required to do the job. Whether it’s from regular communications with clients that could lead to a sales position or successful vendor relations that might lead to a position in purchasing, an Office Manager role extends to many functions of business that hold opportunity. In a smaller company, an Office Manager performs both support and supervisory duties, but can increase their value to the company by taking on additional responsibilities like advertising or employee training. As the company grows, so will the opportunities.
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Office Manager Cover Letter Example