President Cover Letter Example & Templates

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A well-written president cover letter can help you put your best foot forward. Your letter is the first impression you will make on a hiring manager or committee members, so it is critical that you craft one that stands out. A cover letter provides an opportunity to highlight certain skills that may be overlooked in a resume. Review this free president cover letter sample and extra tips for polishing your letter.

Dear Mr. Barnes,

I am writing in regard to the job posting as president at your company. With my leadership experience, I believe I am the right candidate for this position.

In your posting, you explained how crucial it is to find an executive leader who can promote the company vision, and has the skills to direct operations and managers in achieving organizational goals. I have several years of experience in this role, and have enjoyed great success as an executive at several companies.

As president, I involve top managers in the decision-making process, which includes planning, coordinating, and directing operational activities. I am skilled in strategic planning and setting policies that support company goals with full buy-in from employees.

I have the knowledge and experience to lead your organization in meeting its goals and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my abilities. Thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a President Cover Letter

You should address the skills specified in the job posting in a professional tone. Keep the letter to four paragraphs total, as shown in the free president cover letter sample above. Get the name or names of the hiring manager, or committee members, so you can address them directly. This is a quick and easy way to score points with potential employers who will recognize that you took the time to gather their names. Remember to end the letter with a thank-you and a request for an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

In developing your cover letter, don’t just repeat the information from your resume. Here are some specific attributes to focus on, along with the ideas presented in our free president cover letter sample above.

● Organizational planning: You should be comfortable working with managers to set company goals and policies while developing a road map of how to get there.
● Financial planning: The president is ultimately responsible for an organization’s success. You will work with the financial manager and review spreadsheets, forecasts, and financial reports on an ongoing basis to ensure the company is meeting its goals.
● Public relations: Depending on an organization’s reporting structure, you may oversee public relations and/or marketing managers, and direct their efforts to enhance the company’s public image.
● Human resources and staffing: You will work with human resources management to communicate strategic planning needs and direct efforts to meet company objectives.