Administrative & Office Support Resume Examples

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Job Description for Administrative & Office Support

Administration and office support workers help businesses with a variety of clerical tasks. Responsibilities include preparation of important documents, arranging conferences, scheduling appointments, maintaining an organized file system, and operating office equipment like copiers, scanners, and fax machines. Your administration and office support resume should highlight your familiarity with business math, office procedures, computing, word processing, and spreadsheet applications. Additionally, draw attention to your ability to answer phones, compose memos, create presentations, and generate reports. If you’ve managed budgets before, mention that in your administrative and office support resume as well. Specialized assistants’ like legal secretaries’ assist attorneys, draft legal documents, and perform legal research upon request. Medical secretaries are often responsible for transcribing medical documents, which requires familiarity with medical terminology. They also order medical supplies as needed and perform billing.

Education & Training Requirements

Entry-level positions often require a high school diploma, but additional coursework in business is a plus. Higher-level positions’ like medical, legal, or executive secretaries’ often require undergraduate degrees or degrees at the associate level. Certifications like the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) and Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) improve your professional profile as will experience in a business setting performing administrative and support functions. So if you have these credentials, make sure you include them on your administrative and office support resume.

Salary Range

The annual salary for administration and office support ranges between 29,516 to 47,017 dollars, with a median annual salary of 37,004 dollars. As you prepare your resume, it’s obvious that you need to include your related work experience, but if you’re a recent graduate with little actual experience, think back to your involvement in school organizations or volunteer work. If you have work experience to show, make sure you make the most of it. MyPerfectResume’s Resume Samples will help you highlight your accomplishments, impress hiring managers, and land an admin and office support job faster.


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