Resume Templates: Call Center Trainer


Most modern businesses, from retail outlets to cable companies, have call centers for customers with questions about their products or services. An effective call center can’t operate without knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and friendly staff, and the only way to achieve this perfect balance is through the guidance of a skilled call center trainer. Educate hiring managers about your awesome potential with a great resume!

Most call center trainers have either worked in customer service or have specific knowledge about a company’s offerings. This is a unique position in which you should emphasize a combination of product knowledge, customer service skills, and teaching abilities on your resume. After all, you’re passing along necessary skills to call center staff in the hopes that they will perform their jobs well.

Use our call center trainer resume templates to create a resume that will put you at the front of the line!

Resume Templates: Call Center Trainer

Call Center Trainer Resume Questions

1. How do you highlight soft skills on a call center trainer resume?

The best call center employees are customer-service-oriented, polite, friendly, and great communicators, which is why most call center resumes include these soft skills. However, though employers want candidates to possess these skills, jobseekers who simply list these qualities risk getting overlooked. If you want to stand out from other applicants, showcase your soft skills in a non-boring way.

Illustrate the impact you made on other organizations by citing clear examples, giving numbers where applicable, and describing past accomplishments. For instance, instead of saying that you’re an excellent communicator, explain how you streamlined the reporting process by ensuring the delivery of all performance reviews directly to management, as this call center trainer resume sample does.

2. How do you optimize your call center trainer resume for an ATS?

An applicant tracking system scans resumes for keywords and determines whether a candidate is a good fit for a position. If you want to help your resume bypass an ATS, there are a few tips you can implement.

First, stick with a traditional format. Any document that is not in the standard chronological, functional, or hybrid format will likely get passed over. Refer to this call center trainer resume sample for an idea of the type of layout to use. Second, optimize your resume for terms and phrases used in the job description. A lot of people are hesitant to use word-for-word descriptors for fear of coming off as disingenuous, but doing so could help you in the long run. Third, proofread your resume. Misspelled words not only look unprofessional but also an ATS won’t catch misspellings.

3. What can you do to make your call center trainer resume stand out?

Your resume is the only opportunity you have to convince a hiring manager that you’re worth meeting. Because of this, you need to create a resume that stands out. Tailor your content to the exact position for which you’re applying. Use the keywords listed in the job description and throw in industry-specific lingo where appropriate. Back up your skills with examples, and show how you’ve grown by telling a story. Use the resume builder for step-by-step instructions on how to create the perfect personalized resume, like this call center trainer resume sample.

4. How do you describe computer skills on your call center trainer resume?

When describing your computer skills, do so in a way that shows how your knowledge can provide value to the organization. For instance, if you’re great with spreadsheets, talk about how you’ve used spreadsheets to create training timetables and how those timetables helped you gauge trainees’ progress. If you’re skilled with PowerPoint, discuss how you used the program to develop training materials and expedite the training process.

5. Should you include references on a call center trainer resume?

As a general rule of thumb, don’t include references unless requested. Furthermore, if an employer does ask for references with the initial application, don’t add them to your resume unless specifically asked to do so. Instead, create a separate list and either include it in the body of your email or a separate Word document.

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Resume Text

Paul Illich 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Innovative Call Center Trainer who is constantly developing new ways to make call center employees more efficient. Adept at developing custom training programs, working with large groups and working under pressure. Specializes in fast-paced and high-pressure work environments.


  • Has created several innovative training techniques that are used by other trainers
  • Excellent group and individual communication skills
  • Can work well with all levels of management
  • Personable trainer who tries to make the job fun
  • Maintains a professional attitude at all times
  • Enjoys interacting with employees, management and customers

Work Experience

March 2012 to February 2015 Gilson Incorporated – New Parkland, CA Call Center Trainer
  • Responsible for creating and administering ongoing training programs for new and current employees.
  • Responsible for quarterly performance reviews that were submitted directly to management.
  • Developed several innovative training methods that are being used around the call center industry.
July 2005 to March 2012 Sheerer Incorporated – New Parkland, CA Call Center Trainer
  • Responsible for putting together a new training package for employees each time a new client was brought on board.
  • Assisted in doing quarterly performance evaluations of all call center employees.
  • Called on to give input on changes to the call center that were made during major remodeling project.
June 2000 to July 2005 Freedom Corporation – New Parkland, CA Call Center Trainer
  • Responsible for developing, updating and administering all call center training materials for new and current associates.


2000 Yates Senior High School, New Parkland, CA High School Diploma