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Administrative positions offer opportunities to make a profound impact on an organization while earning a lucrative salary. However, competition for such jobs is usually tight. Thus, you need to be able to distinguish yourself from other candidates. A well-composed curriculum vitae can do that. It presents you along with your skills and experience in a brief and concise manner similar to a traditional resume, yet without added details that may not be relevant to the position you are seeking. Included here is an admin CV example along with writing guidelines to help show you how to create such a document.

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Lori Lawrence

123 Main St, Seattle, Washington 11111

E: llawrence@corporateemail P: 555-123-1111

Professional Summary

Experienced regional manager looking to take next step into administrative position. Eight years of experience in current role, with 17 years in management altogether. Currently oversee human resource department for a national consumer research company. Extensive experience in personnel management, budgeting, operations analysis, policy making, and hiring. Hands-on leader who is also able to trust subordinates with important tasks when such activities need to be delegated. Have functioned in temporary administrative roles on multiple occasions when executives have been on leave. Comfortable communicating and working with professionals at all levels, from prospective hires to board chairmen.

  • Excellent leader who has helped improve operational efficiency in every position.
  • Recognized by peers as being good communicator in helping relay messages from executives and policymakers to front-line employees.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Adept at conflict resolution.
Work Experience
Human Resource Regional Manager
March 2009 – Current

  • Directed the human resource departments for several satellite offices across the Pacific Northwest.
  • Coordinated large-scale employee training and reimbursement policy changes in 2013 that contributed to a 60 percent increase in employee retention.
  • Developed training programs in conjunction with several managers across all departments within region on an annual basis to acclimate employees to regulatory updates.
  • Implemented new candidate screening and hiring standards that resulted in a collective 50 percent decrease in the amount of time taken to fill open positions.
  • Participated in quarterly planning meetings with executive board, as well as monthly reconciliation meetings with chief financial officer.

Compliance Coordinator
June 2005 – March 2009

  • Led company efforts to stay in compliance with both industry standards as well as regulatory guidelines.

  • Attended regional and national seminars where new compliance measures were presented by policymakers as well as industry leaders.

  • Worked with company executives to help update company policies to bring them in line with new standards.

  • Directed the development of training content and schedules in order to educate employees on policy changes across corporation.

  • Assisted external auditors by coordinating meeting schedules and providing necessary information during annual compliance checks.

Human Resource Manager
July 2000 – June 2005

  • Oversaw the screening, interviewing, and hiring process at corporation’s administrative office.
  • Coordinated training schedules for new hires with department managers.
  • Supervised the implementation of new hiring lead database program in 2002 that improved application screening times by 45 percent.

Masters of Business Administration

University of Washington Foster School of Business
Seattle Washington
Bachelors of Science in Psychology

The Evergreen State College
Olympia Washington
Hobbies and Interests

Former president of civic organization charged with planning community events. Volunteer usher at local theater during philharmonic performances. Avid mountain biker and hiker.

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Admin CV Must-Haves

What Does Admin Do?

Almost every industry has administrative roles, and while the subtle nuances of each sector will have some impact on a job’s duties, such positions share the responsibility of overseeing the operational aspects of an organization. Administrators typically direct a company’s infrastructure, assigning individual department managers and delegating tasks to them as appropriate. They typically meet with managerial staff members regularly to discuss performance evaluations, monitor progress towards company initiatives, and review financial statistics. In many cases, an administrator is assigned to oversee a particular aspect of a company’s performance, such as its financial management, day-to-day operations, or compliance directives. Administrators are then responsible for providing an accounting of those areas to executive boards. Understanding these roles and responsibilities prior to creating your curriculum vitae helps you to see how you should list your own skills and experience when using the admin CV example to create your own document.

Tips for Creating a Great Admin CV

There is a right and a wrong way to present your professional skills in CV, hence the need for the admin CV example included here. However, it’s important to remember that this example is simply a resource to use in creating your own CV and should not be so strictly followed so as to exclude your own personality for your document altogether. Be sure to take your own ideas into account to help supplement your CV’s content. Keep the following tips in mind:

-Include detailed performance metrics whenever possible to provide context for whatever achievements you choose to list.
-Proofread your CV several times upon completion in order to identify and correct any grammatical errors.
-Keep your content brief and to the point. Avoid including minute details regarding past experience that don’t support your candidacy for the job you’re seeking.
-Do not include any information that could alienate a reader, such as religious or political views.