Social Services Resume Examples

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Social services jobs comprise a large number of careers falling under the umbrella of helping professions. People who enjoy helping others and who want to make their communities and the world at large a better place often look to the social services sector for employment.

Job Summary

Social service careers include such jobs as substance abuse counselors, educational counselors, marriage and family therapists, rehabilitation counselors, social workers, health educators, probation officers, social and community service assistants, and religious workers, among others. Duties most often performed by social services professionals are those such as counseling individuals, couples or groups, providing social assistance and locating community resources, offering spiritual guidance, and assisting with the improvement of behavioral disorders.

Education & Training

The educational and training requirements for social services positions vary by job. A high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient for entry level social and human services assistants, as well as some substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is needed to become a community health worker, probation officer, or social worker. Marriage and family therapists, rehabilitation counselors, and school counselors all require at least a Master’s level degree. Some occupations in the social services field may have an internship or practicum prerequisite also.

Social Services Jobs Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May of 2012 the mean annual wage of community and social service occupations as a group was 44,240 dollars with a mean annual hourly wage of 21.27 dollars. Of course, the average starting salary varies by position, being primarily influenced by educational requirements for hire. Social and human services assistants started as a mean annual pay of 30,710 dollars. On the upper end of wage earners in the social services sector were educational counselors who were paid a mean annual wage of 56,540 dollars during that same time. Find social services resume examples below to get you started on finding your dream job. Social services positions consist of a number of occupations in the helping professions. The mean annual wage for such jobs is 44,240 dollars. There are jobs in the field for all levels of education. See our social services resume examples to get started.