Resume Templates: Special Education Teacher Aide


Being a special education teacher aide takes the right mix of compassion, discipline, and patience. If you’re missing even one of those critical components, it’s tough to be successful at the job! That’s why it’s so important to have a powerful resume–you need to convince the reader that you have these skills. If not, you won’t get hired.

Before you start writing your resume, make sure you have a good list of references that will give you rave reviews. Being a teacher’s aide in any context is all about relationships, and the only good way to prove your success at that is having real people speak to your skills. Choose a diverse cast of references if possible.

Once you’ve got that list of references, it’s time to start writing! See the special education teacher aide resume sample below for more ideas.

Resume Templates: Special Education Teacher Aide

Special Education Teacher’s Aide Resume Questions

1. How do you write the qualifications section of a special education teacher’s aide resume?

Your qualifications section is your first introduction to an employer; you should write this section as an elevator pitch that sells your strongest skills in three sentences or fewer. Focus on your years of experience, your top areas of expertise, and what makes you a valuable hire.

Unless you’re a first-time jobseeker, avoid the temptation to fall back on an objective statement, which is an entirely different animal from a professional summary of qualifications. Objectives rarely have a use anymore, save for those with no work experience; employers prefer to see a summary like the one in our special education teacher’s aide resume sample.

2. What format should your special education teacher’s aide resume be in?

A classic resume format often works best for those in the education field. Classic formats do away with the bells and whistles to instead present an elegant statement piece with subtle use of font styling and clean formatting to impress the reader with a sense of understated professionalism. If you need help choosing a template, however, why not try our step-by-step resume builder to create your own personalized resume?

3. How many skills should you put on a special education teacher’s aide resume?

We prefer to keep skills at around five to seven for your primary skill list, though that doesn’t mean you can’t include more. Skills work well when integrated throughout your professional summary and employment history, as demonstrated in our special education teacher’s aide resume sample. Use them in a natural context and as part of action-driven language to describe your special talents, accomplishments, and daily duties. If you have room, you can extend your list of keyword skills to longer than seven ““ but try not to go over 10, and make sure to keep your resume on a single page.

4. How do you highlight soft skills on a special education teacher’s aide resume?

In special education, soft skills are a must. You’re often dealing with students with special behavioral needs, requiring you to adapt to their individual and highly unique requirements on the fly. Demonstrate how your empathy, compassion, and active listening skills allowed you to understand each student’s individual needs and apply your comprehension of behavioral principles to improve their education outcomes. Discuss this both as part of your daily duties and in breakdowns of special instances where you made notable contributions in your accomplishments.

5. How do you structure your special education teacher’s aide resume?

The structure of your resume should remain simple and straightforward, as in our special education teacher’s aide resume sample. Start with your header, followed by your professional summary, extend into your keyword skills, and round everything out with your work history and education. Your work history should take up the majority of your page real estate, unless you have only one job or fewer than five years of experience.

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Resume Text

Twyla Winters 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Enthusiastic, compassionate Special


Teacher Aid with extensive experience in public and private school settings. Excellent ability to communicate to special needs students facing a myriad of different challenges. Highly organized and very capable at multitasking, even in the challenging environment of a special




  • Student focused and oriented
  • Compassionate educator
  • Creative instructor
  • Patient teacher
  • Solid oral and written communicator
  • Enthusiastic team player

Work Experience

March 2010 to October 2012 Johnson Middle School — New Cityland, CA Special Education Teacher Aid
  • Assigned to assist teacher in middle school special education class.
  • Increased parental participation in school related activities by 30%.
  • Helped enhance curriculum utilized for special education students through the use of newer technologies.
  • Networked regularly with special education teacher’s aids in different locations in the school district.
October 2012 to January 2014 St. Francis School — New Cityland, CA Special Education Teacher Aid
  • Served as a teacher aid for special education students on the elementary and middle school levels.
  • Designated a primary liaison between students in special education classes and their families and different service providers.
  • Worked with special education students in groups and on a one on one basis.
  • Assisted in the selection of textbooks and other instructional tools utilized in special education courses.
January 2014 to Present Washington Middle School — New Cityland, CA Special Education Teacher Aid
  • Assigned to middle school special education classroom with 25 students.
  • Taught mathematics and social sciences to entire special education class.
  • Instructed and tutored students on a one on one basis.
  • Assisted in developing continuing education programming for paraprofessional special education staff members.


2009 University of California, New Cityland, CA Bachelor of Arts, Education