Resume Templates: Behavioral Specialist


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Executive Profile
Enthusiastic academic instructor with over 13 years of diverse teaching experience, including counseling, special needs instruction, test coordination, administration, and crisis management. Skilled, adaptive, and flexible teacher with expertise on continuous student development and assessment, providing relevant course materials for effective learning, and encouraging active participation. Nationally certified counselor seeking to leverage background into an online or adjunct professor role with a progressive university.

Curriculum development Teaching, tutoring and counseling Innovative lesson planning Interactive teaching/learning Child-centric philosophy Family outreach and collaboration Testing efficiencies Excellent classroom management

Professional Value Offered
Instruction Earned highest and increased state test scores by 5-8% for 4 consecutive years. Oversaw crisis management for 2,600 students, educated over 200, and counseled over 1,000. Retained interest and maximized learning, educating students utilizing instructional techniques. Increased parent customer satisfaction ratings, facilitating family conferences, developing newsletters, and engaging social media to improve parent-child relationship bonding skills. Improved operational efficiencies, managing day-to-day operations for pre-K, K, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th grade learning programs including instructor training, curriculum implementation, and continuous improvement of industry best practices. Eliminated learning gaps and effectively instructed students in science utilizing a wide variety of teaching aids and motivational/implementation strategies. Provided conflict resolution, moderating all disputes and grievances between parties with the goal of speedy and fair resolution. Optimized learning plans, quantifying student progress through test administration. Developed superior IEP meetings with parents, evolving parent-child relationships. Operations Aided senior leadership team, monitoring status reports and delivering results to executives to streamline work flow prioritization. Spearheaded special projects and events, eliminating obstacles and saving time through effective emergency resolution. Authored behavior plans and managed 9 district test coordinators and 4 school counselors. Created all behavioral plans for the Calhoun county school district. Supported the school counselor curriculum edit for the Mississippi Department of Education. Implemented the teacher support team for the Nettleton school district. Served on MAP team committee and as consultant for the alternative school committee.

Professional Experience
Counselor/Coordinator/Behavioral Specialist Calhoun County Schools Counselor/Behavioral Specialist Calhoun County Schools Counselor Calhoun County Schools Counselor/Teacher/TST Coordinator Calhoun County Schools Teacher/TST Chair Nettleton School District 01/2011 to Current Calhoun City, MS 01/2009 to 01/2011 Calhoun City, MS 01/2008 to 01/2009 Calhoun City, MS 01/2006 to 01/2008 Calhoun City, MS 01/2001 to 01/2005 Nettleton, MS