Resume Templates: International Trade Specialist


If you love learning languages and traveling around the world, an international trade position could be the ideal job for you. Improve your chances of landing an incredible position by fixing up your resume. A well-written resume can make an incredible difference when it comes to helping you get that first interview, so make sure your resume is one to remember.

International trade specialists are responsible for making sure products are moved across national borders. It’s important that this be done in adherence with local regulations and laws, which makes a knowledge of customs procedures a “must.” Make sure you note your knowledge of legal policies and procedures on your resume. Let the hiring manager know that you’re capable of understanding and following international guidelines for shipping. You should also note your communication skills. If you speak any foreign languages, your resume is the perfect place to highlight those skills, as well.

Make your resume better than ever by exploring our international trade specialist resume templates.

Resume Templates: International Trade Specialist

International Trade Specialist Resume Questions

1. How do you format an international trade specialist resume?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that business operation specialists and transportation industry jobs will grow by 5% and 6% respectively over the next decade. With recruiters bombarded with a potentially high number of resumes, they may pass up yours if they can’t easily see your relevant qualifications. That’s assuming your resume even makes it through the applicant tracking systems commonly used to preview incoming documents and score them for keyword use and relevance.

A clean, simple format helps get yours past the bots and into human hands by being easily readable, as seen in the international trade specialist resume sample. Skip fancy fonts and complicated layouts while sticking to standard section headers such as Summary, Work Experience, and Education. Of course, our step-by-step resume builder can also help you craft the perfect document with formatting best practices and customized advice.

2. How do you write the header of an international trade specialist resume?

If you’ve been in the transportation industry for a while, you might not be familiar with new conventions in resume formatting. Nowadays, the header portion doesn’t usually contain your full mailing address, but you may opt to mention only your city, state, and postal code instead. Make sure you also list a phone number and professional email address. Finally, many jobseekers now add links to their profiles on professional networks such as LinkedIn.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of an international trade specialist resume?

Your qualifications or skills section typically follows the professional summary, as you’ll notice in this international trade specialist resume sample. Ideally, this portion of your document should include a bulleted list of short phrases with no periods. Focus only on hard skills such as language fluencies, knowledge of shipping and customs regulations, and technological proficiencies.

Also, be sure to carefully read each job description, and don’t forget to factor in specific skills the employer wants. Common industry-related examples might include enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management suites such as SAP or Salesforce, along with Office productivity apps.

4. How do you write the experience section of your international trade specialist resume?

When composing the experience section of your resume, you should list your relevant jobs in reverse chronological order. Most experts advise that you limit this section to positions you’ve held during the last 10 to 15 years of your career. Use a consistent method for adding company names, position titles, dates, and locations. Finally, don’t let each job turn into a litany of mere duties. Rather, mix in significant accomplishments that prove you can bring value to an employer. Concentrate on statistics such as high volumes of cargo you moved, money or time saved through improvements you developed, or awards or distinctions you earned.

5. Should you include references on an international trade specialist resume?

As demonstrated in our international trade specialist resume sample, you don’t list references in your document or write the phrase “references available upon request.” Either practice wastes valuable space on the page. Moreover, you can provide a potential employer with your references’ contact information at the appropriate point during the application or interview processes.

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Resume Text

Heading Henri Lafitte 5 Chanel #5 Show Me, MO, 64539 Cell: (555) 987-1234


International Trade Specialist ensures that products are moved across national boundary lines adhering to all regulations and laws. Understands freight transport, cargo rules and custom guidelines to ensure that merchandise reaches its destination on-time and on-budget. Specializes in airport transport and foreign exchange currency procurement.


  • Speaks 10 languages
  • SAP
  • Microsoft Office
  • Worked as Forex broker
  • HTS and POA requirements
  • Auditing
  • International BASEL regulations
  • Customs procedures
  • Good communication skills

Work Experience

May 2007 to December 2009 Golden Investment Bank – Show Me, MO International Trade Specialist – Manages procurement of freight forwarders and contractors for international trade. – Acquired $15 million worth of Forex currency to pay for services. – Developed good working relationship with United States customs agents. January 2010 to April 2013 Rice Import Export Business – Show Me, MO International Trade Specialist – Coordinated movement of rice in special waterproof protective containers. – Moved 1,000,000 pounds of rice in one year. – Purchased local currency to pay rice farmers. May 2013 to Present Maersk Shipping Lines – Show Me, MO International Trade Specialist – Reviewed relevant UN regulations governing trade. – Licensed by Homeland Security as “Safe Freight Forwarder” principal. – Complied with all United States trade regulations, guidelines and laws.


2005 Rupert Murdoch Academy of Money, Show Me, MO Masters, International Finance