Resume Templates: Corporate Communications Specialist


When applying for a position as a corporate communications specialist, you need to make sure that your resume showcases your experience and demonstrates your written communication skills. While every job seeker should strive to submit an error-free resume, this is even more important when communication is an integral part of the job you’re after.

The duties of a corporate communications specialist will vary widely from one industry to another, so you need to carefully review the job posting before you begin writing your resume. Once you are familiar with your potential employer’s needs, you can craft a resume summary statement that makes the case for why you’re the best candidate and includes keywords from the job description. The highlights section of your resume is a great place to list the types of communication material you have experience creating – speeches, press releases, email campaigns, etc. Whenever possible, include metrics like social shares or click-through rates when listing your achievements.

Check out our corporate communications specialist resume sample for more inspiration.

Resume Templates: Corporate Communications Specialist

Corporate Communications Specialist Resume Questions

1. How do you make a corporate communications specialist resume with no experience?

If you are new to the field of corporate communications, rely heavily on any relevant past experience. Draw attention to the skills you already have that match those needed for the job. Do not focus on the experience you lack. Instead, focus on what you can offer. Tailor the whole resume to fit the job at hand, and a hiring manager will see you have what it takes to do that job. It may be easier for you to use our resume builder, which makes the creation process effortless and lets you craft a personalized resume that fits the job.

2. What can you do to make your corporate communications specialist resume stand out?

Corporate competition is no myth. You are likely to come up against many others wanting the job. To make your resume stand out, ensure it is professional and precise. Keep your words concise and direct. Do not include information that is not relevant to the position. Draw attention to your unique skills and attributes, along with specific achievements you have had. Make the hiring manager want to meet with you in person to learn more. See the corporate communications specialist resume sample for guidance on how to do this.

3. How do you describe computer skills on your corporate communications specialist resume?

As a corporate communications specialist, it is essential to have excellent computer skills. Simply saying you have computer skills will not cut it, though. You must show how you use your skills to do your job and to excel in this position. Explain unique knowledge you have, such as the ability to work in a variety of programs or an understanding of complex systems. The corporate communications specialist resume sample is a good example of how to work computer skills into almost every section to ensure they stand out.

4. How long should a corporate communications specialist resume be?

Hiring managers are very busy people. They do not have time to read pages and pages on one applicant. To make the best impact, keep your resume on one page. This is concise and easy to read, and it will not overwhelm the hiring manager. You can easily fit all the information you need to on one page as long as you keep everything specific and avoid needless fluff.

5. Should you include references on a corporate communications specialist resume?

It was common to include references on every resume, but this is an old practice. The general understanding now is that if a hiring manager wants references, he or she will request them. So, do not put them on your resume. Instead, use the space to talk more about your qualifications and to really sell yourself as the perfect person for the job. Use the corporate communications specialist resume sample as a guide to help you ensure you include all the pertinent information.

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Resume Text

Jennifer Ableman

100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Experienced Corporate Communications Specialist talented in moderation of organizational messaging throughout the company. Thorough and intelligent user of social media and other market channels to monitor, analyze and develop communications plans. Proficient in content development, article writing, press release generation, media relations and speechwriting.



  • Highly polished and professional

  • Developer of quality communications plans

  • Engaging presenter to varied stakeholders

  • Creative writer and communicator

  • Innately able to simplify complex messaging

  • Skilled in digital encoding of content

  • Expert level Microsoft program skills

  • Team player with optimistic attitude


Work Experience

August 2011 to April 2015 Landowner Real Estate-New Cityland, CA Corporate Communications Specialist

  • Developed speaker's bureau for executive visibility within the field of commercial and multi-family residential real estate development.

  • Communicated company messaging through multiple marketing communications channels, including digitally, in traditional media, throughout company collaterals and as part of live events.

  • Utilized multiple sources of program analytics to develop performance metrics for future projects while evaluating and reporting outcome of terminating programs.

  • Developed an employee social media policy and ensured all current and future employees are aware of social media practices and obligations as part of employment.

  • Created and executed 27 media-accepted press campaigns reported by reputable national outlets in print and on television, delivering the brand story to over 135 million people.

September 2008 to July 2011 Immaculation Janitorial Supply-New Cityland, CA Brand Communications Specialist

  • Created and executed communications plans for launching brand.

  • Worked with the marketing department to develop effective collaterals for prospect, customer and trade event distribution.

  • Designed sales presentation materials, slideshows and other tools for field sales personnel.

  • Wrote and consistently updated company website content for general marketing and online product sales.



2008 Community College of Cityland, New Cityland, CA Bachelor's Degree, Business Communications