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By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: January 25, 2024

Get inspired by cover letter examples written by our certified professionals and discover what makes each one stand out. We have samples for any job, industry or situation to help you craft a winning cover letter.

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A well-crafted cover letter is the key to a winning job application. Your cover letter expands upon your resume, showcasing how your personality, experience and enthusiasm for the role make you the ideal candidate.

We’ve compiled a library of professional cover letter examples for different positions, industries and circumstances to help you get started. Easily search by job title or filter by industry to find a sample that suits your needs.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, our comprehensive guide will equip you with the expert insights and actionable tips you need to craft a cover letter that stands out from the competition.

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    Administrative assistant cover letter example

    Rachel Sanford is an administrative assistant. She has had an extensive, successful career and is looking to stand out from other candidates. Rachel needs a cover letter that brings attention to her professional accomplishments and skills.

    This is a good administrative assistant cover letter example because:

    • It shows how bullet points help her highlight her extensive experience. 
    • The template is clean and professional, guiding the reader’s eye through the important information. 
    • It is easily tailored to a different audience while keeping the most important information relevant to the role.

    Sales executive cover letter example /career gap

    Steven Massey is an experienced sales executive with a forward-thinking approach. He recently took a career break to address a family matter, during which he also worked independently, acquiring new skills. Steven’s cover letter should highlight the valuable skills and perspectives he offers, rather than focusing on the reasons for his employment gap.

    This sales executive cover letter example is good because:

    • The percentages highlight Steven’s achievements
    • It addresses the gap on his resume and quickly shifts the focus to the skills gained during that time. 
    • The template is modern with a pop of color, a subtle way to show he has kept up with industry trends.

    Data entry cover letter example

    Livia Sanders is poised to begin her career in programming. With a background in data entry and the necessary skills for a career transition, Livia requires a cover letter that showcases how her past experiences will be beneficial in her new role.

    This data entry cover letter example is good because:

    • Livia explains how programming has been used in her data entry jobs and how her data entry skills transfer to this new role.
    • It includes quantifiable achievements that highlight her interpersonal skills and her database skills.
    • The template is simple and professional keeping all the attention on the content.

    Accountant cover letter example

    Maggie Sanders, a proficient accountant known for her expertise in financial analysis and payroll management, attributes her success to her strong interpersonal skills. Her cover letter should emphasize how these soft skills enhance her financial competencies.

    This accountant cover letter example is good because:

    • It combines Maggie’s quantifiable achievements with skills like communication, problem-solving and relationship-building.
    • It uses a professional, amenable tone that is easy to read and tailored to what the employer is seeking. 
    • It uses a contemporary template, that is ATS-friendly.

    Teacher assistant cover letter example

    April Hawkins, a dedicated teacher in search of the ideal career position, has experienced several brief roles in her journey. Her cover letter should frame these short tenures as enriching her skills and dedication to education.

    This teacher assistant cover letter example is good because:

    • It first focuses on April’s skills, experiences and professional accomplishments.
    • It honestly addresses her short tenures, explaining the reason behind them and opening the door to future questions.
    • The template shows her personality and style while keeping a professional tone.

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    Accounting cover letter examples (3)

    For an accounting job, our employment cover letter examples can show you how to emphasize your number-crunching skills and your ability to work with others.

    These cover letter examples show how to expand on your analytical acumen and your critical thinking skills. 

    Example cover letters for administrative jobs (14)

    Your ability to multitask is unparalleled. These cover letter examples will help you show employers your keen eye for detail, good organization and proficiency with computer software.

    Professional cover letter examples for business operations jobs (11)

    Your technical proficiency is as strong as your decision-making abilities. Our example of a cover letter for a resume will show you how to highlight your team coordination and superior communication skills.

    Construction cover letter examples (4)

    Use a cover letter for a job application to highlight your strong work ethic and ability to work with specific equipment, such as forklifts or cranes. Find your construction cover letter in these examples.

    Culinary cover letter examples (6)

    These job cover letter examples will show you how to highlight your enthusiasm, experience in a fast-paced work environment and knowledge of food preparation.

    Sample cover letters for customer service jobs (12)

    Use one of our customer service employment cover letter examples as a guide to highlight your commitment to assisting people, your ability to work as part of a team and display your personality to impress potential employers.

    Education cover letter samples (7)

    These are good cover letter examples to follow if you want to highlight your proficiency with specific subjects and intangible strengths such as flexibility, communication and patience.

    Examples of cover letters for a job in the food service industry (7)

    You’re a patient multitasker with exceptional communication skills. Display your experience in fast-paced work environments where teamwork is a necessity, like our expert-written cover letter examples for a job in the food service industry.

    Resume cover letter examples for health care support jobs (13)

    Use our cover letter samples for guidance to include a story about services you’ve provided to patients and elaborate on your training and experience in health care.

    Hospitality cover letter examples (3)

    These hospitality cover letter examples will inspire you to make the most of your exceptional customer service skills, organizational abilities and professional achievements.

    Information technology job application letters (3)

    Use a sample cover letter for a resume for inspiration. Explain how you’ve used your top computer system maintenance skills and show how you’ve successfully improved IT operations in previous jobs

    Best cover letter examples for law (5)

    A good cover letter provides a rundown of your experiences handling legal affairs, performing research or handling documentation and administration at a law firm. Our legal cover letter samples will help you plead your case that there’s no one better for the job.

    Marketing cover letter samples (6)

    These examples of cover letters show your creativity, leadership and strategic thinking abilities while highlighting areas of focus like social media or email marketing. 

    Medical cover letter examples (9)

    Go beyond standard credentials and training. Let our sample cover letters help you highlight your ability to empathize with patients, and display your medical knowledge and industry achievements.

    Nursing cover letter examples (14)

    Our nursing cover letter samples will help you express your compassion for others, display your ability to multitask and showcase your attention to detail. Hiring managers won’t want to look away.

    Production cover letter samples (6)

    A cover letter for a job application in production must showcase your ability to work with others, your heavy machinery knowledge, and your time management and safety skills.

    Retail application letter examples (10)

    Follow our retail cover letter examples on how to provide details about job-related skills such as maintaining merchandise and interpersonal skills. Use a retail cover letter example to create an effective cover letter.

    Great cover letter examples for sales jobs (10)

    Use these sales sample cover letters for inspiration. Write a cover letter to highlight your interpersonal skills, important deals you’ve achieved and sell your best product: yourself!

    Social services cover letter examples (3)

    Choose an example cover letter and learn how to emphasize your ability to communicate with others, highlight important projects and showcase your commitment to public serving.

    Teaching cover letter examples (15)

    Let potential employers know you have specialized knowledge, and explain how you enrich children in the classroom. Our sample cover letters for teaching positions can help!

    More cover letter examples for popular industries

    Find a cover letter example for your industry and career level. Learn how to connect with an employer, present the human side of your skills and show why you’re a candidate to consider

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    Cover letter samples for unique situations

    entry level cover letter example Zoom

    Entry-level cover letter example

    A simple cover letter should focus on your skills, education and willingness to learn in a new position. In this cover letter example, you can see how it emphasizes the candidate’s training, skills and career ambition while showing how they can help the employer’s needs.

    image missing
    career change cover letter sample Zoom

    Career change cover letter for a job application

    When changing careers, you must make a connection between jobs. Follow the lead of this cover letter for a career change example by highlighting skills you’ve developed in previous jobs that match the new one.

    This modern cover letter example can help showcase the changes you’ve made to move forward in your career. It will also help highlight your transferable skills and career accomplishments.

    image missing
    employment gap cover letter example Zoom

    Employment gap cover letter example

    A cover letter is the best tool to explain a time period without employment. This employment gap cover letter example shows you how to approach the subject while focusing on your skills and qualifications.

    image missing
    cold call cover letter sample Zoom

    “Cold call” cover letter sample

    Approaching a company without an open position requires a cold-call cover letter. With this example, learn how to positively and confidently approach an employer by showcasing your company knowledge, and what you bring to the table and connect with the human side.

    image missing
    professional connection cover letter example Zoom

    Professional connection cover letter example

    Knowing the right people can help you find the next steps for your career. Write a cover letter that centers around your professional connection, as shown in this example of a professional connection cover letter for a resume.

    image missing
    temporary to permanent employee cover letter sample Zoom

    Temporary-to-permanent employee sample cover letter

    The goal of these types of cover letters is to show hiring managers why they should hire you as a full-time employee. Our sample cover letter for a resume focuses on specific contributions and explains what you’ve learned so far and how you can add more value as a full-time employee.

    image missing
    seeking promotion cover letter example Zoom

    Seeking promotion cover letter example

    You’ve impressed your employer with your skills and achievements, and now you want more. Use this contemporary cover letter sample to state your case, bring attention to your accomplishments, and expand on what you could do in a higher position.

    image missing
    unadvertised position cover letter sample Zoom

    Sample cover letter for an unadvertised position

    No posted job description to refer to? Use this cover letter example for a job that isn’t advertised to help you explain how you heard about the role and to share your enthusiasm about joining the team. Mention your top skills and accomplishments.

    image missing
    new position with current employer cover letter example Zoom

    Job application letter for a new position with current employer

    Put your best foot forward with a compelling cover letter for a resume. Use this letter of interest sample for a job with the same employer to point out your accomplishments and explain how you will benefit your employer on future projects.

    image missing
    referral cover letter sample Zoom

    Referral cover letter sample

    When done correctly, telling an employer that someone in the company referred you lets them know you’re someone they can trust. Use our referral cover letter sample to do this correctly and catch their attention the right way.

    image missing

    What to include in a cover letter

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    • Contact information:

      List your phone number and professional email address.

    • Employer’s information:

      Include name, title, company address and email.

    • Salutation:

      Address the letter to a specific person, such as the hiring manager.

    • Opening:

      Start with a relevant accomplishment like our professional cover letter sample.

    • Body:

       Elaborate on your accomplishments and skills to show your value. Remember to include numbers and use keywords from the job description.

    • Closing:

      The best cover letter examples close by inviting employers to get in touch.

    Want more examples of cover letters for resumes, plus tips for organizing and formatting a cover letter? Check out our guide to cover letter formats.

    Get noticed with a polished cover letter

    Use our cover letter examples as inspiration to write a perfect cover letter. Our Cover Letter Builder will guide you through each section of your cover letter and provide expert phrases you can include in just a few clicks.

    Administrative Assistant Cover Letter ExampleSecurity Manager Cover Letter Example

    Cover Letter Checklist

    1. Does the cover letter match your resume?
    2. Do you have the name and title of the person you’re addressing?
    3. Does your cover letter heading include your current contact information?
    4. Does your opening paragraph:
      • Include your years of experience?
      • Include job-relevant accomplishments?
      • Include information to show you’ve researched the company?
      • Explain why you’re interested in the position?
    5. Does your body paragraph explain why you’re the best candidate for the role?
    6. Does your body paragraph state the value you bring to the company?
    7. Does your closing paragraph:
      • Summarize what you bring to the company?
      • Explain why you’re interested in the potential employer?
      • Include a strong call to action?
    8. Does your letter expand on the information on your resume and not repeat it?
    9. Is your cover letter for a job application grammatically correct?
    10. Did you include keywords from the job description?


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