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To take your job application to the next level you need a professional resume that will turn heads. Hiring managers expect an experienced job seeker to submit a resume that captures their career achievements in a compelling way. My Perfect Resume professional resume samples will help you do just that. View our professional resume samples to learn how to create a well-crafted, attention-grabbing resume of your own.


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Professional Resume Samples

Recruiters and hiring managers set a high bar for professional resumes. They expect expertly written, properly formatted documents. Pressed for time they will only give a resume a six second review so the information must meet their standards. My Perfect Resume has professional resume samples that can pass the scrutiny of all hiring managers and recruiters. Review our industry-approved samples below to learn exactly what it takes to make your professional resume stand out.


Choose a functional or hybrid design layout from our free resume templates. Jobseekers often use chronological resume formats, but experience is really what sells. Start with an impressive list of skills before delving into your work experiences.

In your work experience section, highlight your achievements. Because your line of work deals with so many numbers, you should always pair your accomplishments with specific metrics. Did you create a database that reduced expenses by decreasing paper use? Use a percentage or dollar amount to add value to that achievement. Refer to our resume professional samples for more examples.

Executive assistant

Executive assistants must demonstrate exceptional organizational abilities. Create a strong first impression with an eye-catching modern design and the right resume template layout. Your professional resume design needs an easy-to-read format for any media. You can download as a Microsoft Word document, PDF, or plain text file.

Summary statement show your value. Write a short pitch that offers a high-level view of your abilities and accomplishments. Consider sharing your most relevant administrative skills and a unique thing that you do to keep the executive on track.

Media planner

Employers expect you to handle a variety of digital images, including infographics, banner ads, and pay-per-click tools. Use the skills section (identify it in our professional resume samples) to highlight your proficiency with Egotype, Dribbble, and similar graphic designer tools.

Many job seekers in this field list industry-specific skills, such as gathering market data and identifying trends with monetary potential. For your creative resume to stand out, it needs to also show achievements, like money you saved or how much the brand’s audience grew under your leadership.

How To Use Our Samples To Create a Professional Resume

  • One of the first steps in creating a professional resume is choosing the appropriate resume template. A chronological format isn’t always best. If you are switching careers or have little experience, consider a functional or hybrid resume. Our resume builder has professional resume samples of each format.
  • Determine the best document design with help from our resume templates. The use of color in a creative resume is appropriate in some industries, while a black-and-white template is best for other industries. Tweak traditional resume layouts with design elements and creative font options to customize documents for specific employers. We have professional resume samples appropriate for every industry.
  • Update your contact information by adding a professional-sounding email address and links to impressive career profiles online. This may mean giving up, but your career will thank you. See the appropriate examples in our professional resume samples.
  • Summary statements have taken the place of objective statements as seen in our professional resume samples. The exceptions: if you’ve recently graduated, are re-entering the workforce, or are making career change.
  • The skills section of your professional resume should include as many pertinent keywords as possible. Use the job description to see what the employer wants. With our resume builder, you can make a bulleted list with a sleek design or a two-column format with three to eight items. See our professional resume samples for ideas.
  • Your work history section should feature achievements over duties. Use industry accepted metrics to illustrate how you met goals. See how our professional resume samples combine responsibilities and contributions, always including specific details.
  • Here’s a simple tip that many job seekers overlook: watch your tenses and dates in your work history section. You “collaborate” at a current job, but you “collaborated” in your previous role. The way you list dates should be consistent. Our resume builder will help you stick to this easy to miss detail.
  • Whether you have a doctorate or no college experience, our builder will help you craft a professional education section. See our professional resume samples to understand how to list online training, apprenticeships, PhD programs, and everything in between.
  • Keep it professional. You don’t need to explain why you left previous positions. Potential employers can ask if they are interested. However, if your resume layout makes it look like you’ve been job-hopping, you may want to provide an explanation, either in your resume or your cover letter. Check our professional resume samples for more tips.
  • After completing your resume, review it. Our resume builder will catch the most common errors for you. All you need to do is read it out loud to yourself to make sure everything sounds right. You can also compare it to our professional resume samples as a reference. When you’re ready, save, download, and send. It’s that easy!