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The Perfect Resume Example: Recent Postgraduates

Obtaining a graduate degree gives you an edge that many other job applicants do not have, but you need a strong resume to give yourself proper credit for all you have accomplished. This perfect resume example provides crucial tips for writing a resume that will stand out to employers.

Perfect Resume Example

Angela Smith, 423-567-9123. asmith40@gmail.com.

Summary Statement:

Certified social worker with strong foundation in substance abuse rehabilitation counseling. Committed to fostering positive changes in the lives of people struggling with addiction. Desire to use knowledge of the origins and mechanisms of addiction to develop more effective treatment solutions.


Master of Social Work. 2016. Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD.

Major Project Topic:

Risk Factors and Outcomes of Addiction in Rural Areas.

• Comprehensive investigation of personal and medical histories of substance abuse patients in two rural Maryland counties.
• Using personal interviews, obtained personal and medical histories of twenty substance abuse patients in two rural Maryland county treatment facilities.
• Developed theories of origins of addiction in rural areas and proposed solutions for combating risk factors native to these areas.

Bachelor of Social Work. 2014. Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD.
Graduated with honors.


Percival Rehabilitation Facility, Salisbury, MD. 2015-2016. Rehabilitation Counselor.
• Contributing care provider at a multidimensional treatment facility for people with heroin addictions.
• Developed care plans adhering to cognitive-behavioral therapy model.
• Provided clients with ongoing feedback to encourage continued commitment to treatment.
• Facilitated group therapy sessions to build social safety nets among residents.

Florence Treatment Center, Salisbury, MD. 2014-2016. Assistant Rehabilitation Coordinator.

• Supervised preliminary steps at harm reduction treatment center.
• Explained facility procedures and expectations to applicants.
• Conducted patient intake interviews to screen for qualified applicants.
• Administered and collected harm reduction materials.
• Responded to client questions and concerns.


• Diffusing tense situations with calm demeanor
• Developing rapport with clients
• Diagnosing clients using DSM-V
• Writing comprehensive case reports
• Formulating action plans using client input
• Proposing alternatives when initial treatment approaches are unsuccessful

What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: Recent Postgraduates

The perfect resume example begins with a summary statement that outlines the author's strengths, accomplishments, and professional goals. Angela states that she has recently graduated from a master's degree program and clearly explains the professional direction in which she would like to take her training. She also outlines her major project, the nature of which ties into the professional goals she alluded to in her summary statement.

She does not go into great detail about her individual courses in either her graduate or undergraduate programs. Graduate programs often blend coursework with professional positions, so she will be able to focus on her experience in the remaining sections.

As a social worker, Angela will rely heavily upon interpersonal and communication skills. She offers examples of having these in both the experience section and the skills section of the perfect resume example. However, she also mentions that she is trained in critical procedures such as client diagnosis and therapy planning. By mentioning both her hard and soft skills, she demonstrates that she is capable of meeting the job requirements through a variety of avenues.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• Rather than detailing your coursework, focus on work positions you held as part of earning your degree, as well as projects you completed within those positions.
• As long as they are relevant to your profession, you should include both hard and soft skills.
• Use your summary statement to demonstrate how you intend to use your experiences to meet your professional goals.
• Be sure to mention any training or certifications that qualify you to work in your field.

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