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Resume Templates: Travel Manager


When searching for a new job, it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, with a great resume, you can bolster your efforts and stand out from the competition. Your resume is arguably the most valuable marketing tool you have in your job search. Be certain that you write a document that really emphasizes the skills and experience you have. That way hiring managers can see you are qualified for the position.

An employer needs to know that you can meet deadlines and find the best deals for travelers. The better you are at showcasing these skills in your resume, the more likely a hiring manager is to notice your document. It is best to put the information you want to really stand out in the first part of your resume. Place it in your Summary, and reemphasize it in your Highlights, so there is no chance of it being missed.

Let us help with your resume writing. Use our travel manager resume templates to get started!

Resume Templates: Travel Manager

Travel Manager Resume Questions

1. How should you structure your travel manager resume?

The way you organize your resume determines how effective it is. In addition to affecting the initial impression you make and how easily accessible the information is, many employers expect applicants to use the standard resume format. Study the travel manager resume sample to see how you should structure your resume.

Begin your resume with a summary statement to act as a hook, then create a short bullet list of your skills. Next, write the experience section, which describes your previous positions. Finally, the education section should appear at the end of your resume.

2. How do you make a travel manager resume with no experience?

Jobseekers face few tasks more difficult than creating an entry-level resume. Being unable to create an extensive experience section that describes previous work experiences adds an extra challenge. We highly recommend using our resume builder tool to simplify the process of writing a customized entry-level resume.

If you wish to write your resume manually, extend the qualifications or education sections to fill the gap left by the experience section. Go into greater detail about your school experience, or your particular set of skills and the experiences that helped you develop each skill.

3. How do you write the header of a travel manager resume?

The header should appear at the very top of your resume. However, the summary acts as the introduction and hook to the document, so you want this to be the first thing employers see. The solution is to make the header subtle and brief. You can see an example of a strong header that achieves this on our travel manager resume sample.

We suggest reducing the font size of your header. The information you need to include is your full name, email address, and phone number. You can optionally also include your mailing address.

4. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a travel manager resume?

The experience section is the most important section in your resume, and it should also be the largest section. Managing its length is an important task; you can change the number of bullet points to dynamically make your experience section longer or shorter. Include five to eight bullets for most of your previous jobs. If a particular position is at the core of establishing your qualifications, feel free to use up to 10 bullet points. Additionally, your oldest or least important jobs can have as few as two or three bullet points. Check our travel manager resume sample to see these principals in action.

5. Should you include references on a travel manager resume?

We do not recommend including references on your resume. The only time they are acceptable by most employers is on entry-level resumes. In most cases, they simply use up the limited space on the page which has much better uses. Additionally, most hiring managers know that they can simply request a candidate’s references at any time.

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Resume Text

Deborah Loke 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Meticulous Travel Manager who keeps comprehensive files on every traveler and every travel service used. Adept at finding savings on travel costs, making last-minute arrangements and comparing various travel options to get the best arrangement. Specializes in corporate and government travel clients.


  • Exceptional Internet skills
  • Excellent eye for details and deals
  • Works well against tight deadlines
  • Extremely organized and prepared professional
  • Responsible employee who constantly monitors all activity
  • Reliable employee who rarely calls in sick

Work Experience

May 2012 to February 2015 WUY Incorporated – New Parkland, CA Travel Manager
  • Coordinated all travel activities for all management and executive staff.
  • Developed an extremely extensive network of travel vendors that helped to keep costs down.
  • Maintained comprehensive travel profiles on all executives to make it easier to make quick arrangements.
August 2005 to May 2012 State Department of the Interior – New Parkland, CA Travel Manager
  • Scheduled travel plans for routine field inspections for all pertinent personnel.
  • Developed an extensive database of travel needs for all personnel that is still being used by the department.
  • Worked with purchasing group to find ways to keep down all travel costs.
June 1998 to August 2005 The Group – New Parkland, CA Travel Manager
  • Considered all applications for travel and reviewed potential denials with management and executive staff.
  • Created a system for processing all travel expense sheets and making sure all travelers were reimbursed quickly.


1998 Tazmania Community College, New Parkland, CA Associate’d Degree, Hospitality