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Simple Resume Samples to Upgrade Your Job Applications

Our samples make it easy to create a professional, simple resume

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A typical recruiter may take six seconds to decide whether your resume is worth a second glance. The right resume format and information is often the difference in getting the interview call you want. My Perfect Resume's simple samples help you craft a professional resume to leave a lasting impression on recruiters. View our simple resume samples for ideas that will help you produce a resume to land the job you deserve.


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Simple Resume Samples

A simple resume sample is easy to read and doesn’t contain any embellishments. The resume sections are well organized and properly formatted. Our many simple samples show you exactly what employers are seeking. Below is advice on how to use some of our industry-approved simple sample resumes.

Salon Manager

A great resume shows hiring managers you know how to succeed in a salon manager position. A simple resume gets to the point fast, so a recruiter can quickly identify your top strengths. A streamlined resume format with a professional font creates maximum impact. Use a resume template to help with the format.

Salon owners want managers who understand the unique aspects of their business. Describe previous successful work experience in client and stylists relations. Show your prospective employer you know how to help the salon target new clientele.


Your plumber simple resume should feature key skills and experiences. Your education section should include certification, apprenticeship, and any other relevant credentials.

Review the job posting for required education, skills and preferred training. Use these precise phrases and common industry terms to help your resume pass an ATS.

In addition to plumber’s technical skills, an employer wants applicants who can follow directions and communicate with co-workers and customers. Our simple resumes shows samples of important soft skills you should include.

Human Resources Manager

From font to phrasing, our simple resume samples give your resume a professional look that impresses hiring managers immediately. Use our well-organized samples to create a simple resume that reflects your success in previous roles.

Human resources managers need excellent communication skills to fulfill their core function of enhancing management and employee relations. Other key attributes include an objective yet empathetic manner and the ability to handle conflict. An HR assistant resume may focus more on interfacing with management teams.

How To Use Our Samples To Create a Simple Resume

  • Before writing your resume, read the job description for the skills valued by the employer. Create a list of the skills you possess. Our resume builder will assist you in adding those skills to key sections of your resume and help with the proper format. As in our simple resume sample, a mix of skill types works best in the skills or qualifications section. Focus the work experience entries of your resume template on strengths relevant to the job you seek.
  • It’s important that recruiters are able to quickly read information in your resume. Selecting the right template and properly formatting your resume can increase the chance you are seriously considered for the job. Our samples will help you select the appropriate industry template, the format, and font. We help you avoid fonts that are unusual or complicated. We also make formatting worry-free with the appropriate use of white space, headers, and bullet points for an organized simple resume.
  • After the contact information at the top of your simple resume, your resume template should include a professional summary. While job seekers once used templates containing an objective, today’s resume format calls for a summary instead, as seen in our sample. Our resume builder will help with pre-written job specific text examples to craft a concise professional summary statement of why you are the right candidate for the job.
  • Next, your resume should contain a section reflecting the full range of skills that make you qualified for the job. Review the job listing to learn a specific employer’s requirements and preferences. Include technical proficiencies and soft skills. Because many companies today use an ATS for initial resume screening, our resume builder will help you include keyword phrasing that mirrors exact terms in the job posting.
  • In the work experience section of your simple resume, follow our sample’s lead and use bullet points to delineate major job duties, accomplishments, and outstanding contributions. Our resume builder easy to follow steps to quickly creating your resume. Our pre-written text examples are crafted by career experts and will help you capture your impressive work history.
  • Our builder can easily save your resume in the employer preferred file format. In just a few clicks save your simple resume as a Word, PDF or plain text file to send with your job applications.