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The Perfect Resume Example: Trade Jobs

If you have a career in a trade profession, then a strong resume is the first step to showing potential employers all the skills you have mastered. The following perfect resume example and guide has some key strategies for displaying your training and qualifications.

Perfect Resume Example

Bob Desmond, 456-999-1111. bdesmond2@gmail.com

Summary Statement:

Licensed HVAC technician with over 7 years' experience in the field. Apply strong training foundation to solve difficult problems. Maintain professional expertise through ongoing education and certification refreshment.


Lake Superior College. Associate's in Heating and Cooling Systems. 2009.
• Took classes on science and mechanisms of heating and cooling systems. Applied this knowledge to repairing and installing these systems.
• Obtained full HVAC license upon completion of apprenticeship in 2010.
• EPA certified in handling of Types I, II, and III refrigerants.


Samuels' Heating and Cooling. Reston, VA. Technician and Installer. 2010-2016.
• Installed and maintained HVAC systems in professional and residential environments.
• Participated in Going Green Campaign, in which customers were advised to partially or entirely update their HVAC systems to make them more environmentally friendly. Selected as lead technician of campaign for ability to clearly explain technical processes to customers.
• Performed seasonal maintenance inspections.
• Responded to customer calls, assessed areas of damage, and completed repairs.
• Advised customers on optimal maintenance and replacement schedules.

Swanson Emergency HVAC, Duluth, MN. Apprentice Technician. 2009-2010.
• Performed rapid repairs to HVAC systems during seasons of extreme temperatures.
• Conversed with customers over the phone in order to pinpoint problem origins and arrive to sites prepared.
• Serviced HVAC systems promptly to keep customers safe and comfortable.
• Upheld company reputation by providing accurate cost estimates and fast service.


• HVAC installation, including machining, wiring and programming
• Performing maintenance inspections and repairs
• Testing equipment for safety and quality
• Diagnosing system problems
• Listening to customer assessments to deduce likely causes of issues
• Explaining sources of disrepair to customers
• Developing accurate cost estimates and repair timelines
• Proficient in CRM and Microsoft Office

What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: Trade Jobs

When seeking a job in a specialized trade, it is important to demonstrate that you have mastered the principles of your field and can apply those principles in various situations. Bob, the jobseeker in the perfect resume example, begins by stating that he has a strong foundation in the principles of heating and cooling and makes sure to stay up-to-date on his professional education. In the HVAC field, having completed an apprenticeship is looked upon favorably. Bob uses his education and experience sections to demonstrate the fact that he has completed his apprenticeship. Bob also mentions his EPA certification in the education section. He provides further examples of his professional competencies in his skills section.

Holding leadership or management positions looks good in any field. Bob highlights the fact that he was designated as the lead technician in his company's campaign to make environmentally friendly equipment updates. Because Bob frequently interacts with customers as part of his job duties, he mentions his ability to do so constructively throughout the perfect resume example.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• Your education section should include the training and certifications related to your profession.
• Presenting a variety of skills is important. The more job duties you are capable of handling, the better.
• If you were placed in leadership positions due to your competency in certain areas, be sure to highlight them.
• If you interact with customers as part of your trade, make sure to represent your customer service skills in your resume.

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