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Resume Templates: Installation Technician


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Decorated retired military professional with over 15 years’ experience in operating heavy machinery, team leadership, and operations management seeking to transition to a freight conductor position. Highly accomplished in communicating mission objectives to team members, coordinating with leadership to develop effective strategies and managing multi-million-dollar assets to achieve mission goals. Demonstrated success in leading teams towards success in high risk environments while ensuring safety directives are maintained.

Heavy Equipment Operations Strategic Planning Communications Team Leadership Asset Management Safety Management

Created trackers and standard operating procedures to enable company to track troop movements, legal processes, and training. Maintained 100% accountability of assets valued at $2.5M – $4M. Prepared detailed after action review (AAR) briefings to communicate legal trends and systemic issues to succeeding NCOs. Praised for positively influencing soldiers and leaders throughout military career and commitment to excellence in preparing future generations of soldiers and army leaders.

Dish Network ­ Columbia, TN, 10/14 ­ Current Installation and Service Technician Analyze customer homes to determine best location for satellite installation. Install, calibrate, program, and monitor devices following installation. Drill holes to create access points, run cables, and connect receivers; position and terminate cables, wires, and strapping. Diagnose and repair hardware, software, and system issues to restore system functionality; isolate faults in units and components. Accurately document installations and errors, and generate reports as defined in company policies and procedures. Successfully resolve ~5 technical inquiries and errors per day. Consistently meet 100% of installation and repair deadlines and quotas. United States Army, 11/2001 ­ 10/2014 Operations NCO | Staff Sergeant, Ft. Bragg, NC / Afghanistan (12/2012 ­ 10/2014) Developed and spearheaded training programs to prepare troops for combat while maintaining 100% accountability of assets worth $4M. Collaborated with superiors to plan, resource, and execute 60+ mounted and dismounted operations; supervised improvisatory construction projects. Acted as fire team member and led fire team during situation training exercises and infantry dismounted battle drills. Investigated and reviewed disciplinary and adverse actions, and made recommendations to resolve issues. Secured local areas and cleared routes for visiting high-ranking officials while deployed to Afghanistan. Planned missions, operated and maintained field communications equipment, placed explosives, completed minesweeping activities, and led basic reconnaissance operations; documented and reported enemy movements to commanding officers to facilitate strategic planning. Combat Engineer Squad Leader | Staff Sergeant, Ft. Bliss, TX / Afghanistan (11/2009 ­ 12/2012) Drafted military and nonmilitary correspondence, documented and processed classified materials, and managed personnel files. Communicated urgent orders, briefings, and directions to 11-person team. Operated and maintained equipment and assets worth $2.5M in hostile combat zones. Worked with superiors to plan and execute 50+ mounted and dismounted operations. Designed and led training to prepare troops for combat, including training on tear gas and explosives; guided fire team during infantry dismounted battle drills and situational exercises. Utilized, fired, and recovered antipersonnel and antitank mines, planted explosives, and conducted minesweeping activities; constructed and camouflaged infantries and equipment.