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When you need to stand out from a crowd of qualified job applicants, a stellar CV is the tool that will do the job. An organized and well-written CV that also presents visual appeal impresses hiring managers and gets interviews. The rules of creating a great CV can be confusing, but our night porter CV example offers some welcome clarification by demonstrating how proper formatting and thoughtful phrasing can make your CV shine. Check out the accompanying advice for some further insights into the writing process. With these tools, you can let employers know you are the candidate they want.

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Pat Johnson

2178 Main Street, Owl City, AZ 11111

E. P. 555-987-3267

Professional Summary

Punctual and reliable night porter with many years of experience providing wide range of maintenance support. Mechanically skilled and adept at operating, installing, and maintaining machinery and equipment. Extremely conscientious in making sure that each task is completed to the highest standards. Able to lift and carry heavy items; possess physical stamina necessary to complete maintenance and inspection tasks. Motivated, independent thinker who takes pride in performing job duties well. Courteous and professional at all times, works well with others.

  • – Extremely responsible, take pride in ensuring all details of each task are completed well. – Punctual and trustworthy. – Physical stamina and endurance enable top performance of cleaning, moving, and set-up tasks. – Knowledgeable about appropriate and effective cleaning methods and supplies. – Able to make minor repairs. – Able to identify signs of problems that could turn serious in order to alert management and have action taken before issues can worsen. – Good communicator who is able to understand and interpret instructions. – Proficient in safety precautions when working with cleaning chemicals.
Work Experience
Night Porter
July 2010 – Present

  • Maintain cleanliness of building.
  • Schedule and prioritize tasks necessary for cleaning.
  • Sweep, mop, vacuum, or wax floors depending on need and type of surface.
  • Use effective methods to remove spills, stains, and scratches on floors, walls, and furniture.
  • Wash glass surfaces, including windows, walls, door windows, and mirrors.
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms.
  • Inspect building for conditions that need further repair.
  • Alert management of need for professionals to address problems with plumbing, pests, electricity, air conditioning, and other specialized repairs.

Night Porter
April 2008 – June 2010

  • Cleaned and maintained building at night.

  • Used appropriate methods for washing floors, walls, and windows.

  • Cleaned and sanitized bathrooms.

  • Checked and stocked supplies for bathrooms.

  • Organized and stored cleaning supplies and equipment

  • Performed minor repairs in the building.

  • Removed and replaced damaged furniture or decorations.

  • Set up furniture and supplies for events or conferences according to instructions.

Night Porter
September 2005 – March 2008

  • Cleaned premises at night.
  • Set up displays and promotional materials as directed.
  • Maintained premises, furniture, and equipment in good repair.
  • Communicated with management concerning any issues or ongoing projects.
  • Kept track of cleaning and bathroom supplies, and ensured they were fully stocked at all times.

High School Diploma

Owl City High School

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy reading a good book or taking a long walk. I like learning new things; currently, I am taking a beginner’s painting class at the local community arts center.

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Night Porter CV Must-Haves

What Does a Night Porter Do?

Night porters typically work in large facilities, performing maintenance and cleaning tasks after hours. They clean floors, vacuum carpet, and arrange furniture that was disturbed during the day. A porter works with many types of cleaning materials and needs to know the right technique for every type of surface. As the night porter CV example indicates, you must also know and follow safety procedures, as you will work with potentially toxic and corrosive chemicals. Many night porter jobs also call for the ability to perform minor repairs, such as fixing a loose hinge or filling in a scratch on a wall. While porters are not responsible for repairing plumbing, electrical systems, or HVACs, a good porter will know enough to recognize signs of trouble and let management know. You will need a great deal of physical stamina, as you will spend most of the night cleaning, walking, and moving furniture.

Tips for Creating a Great Night Porter CV

Still not sure how to get your own CV to look more like our example? The following tips will help you understand some important rules and bring your CV up to par:

– List specific tasks you performed, rather than simply stating that you cleaned the building. Doing this will help employers understand your skill set and experience.
– Remember that, in addition to physical ability, you also need mental qualifications to do well in this job. Include skills such as organization, communication, and professionalism.
– An easy-to-read CV is a must if you want busy hiring managers to notice your credentials. Use spacing, headers, and bullet points to highlight your information.
– Make sure that all information included on your CV is accurate. Failing to check can seem like a harmless mistake, but discrepancies in dates or conflicting information can make you appear untrustworthy and sloppy.