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Many recruiters use the information in a candidate’s curriculum vitae to decide whether or not to schedule an interview. If you want your CV to make a strong first impression, it’s important to structure your Professional Summary and Work History to market yourself and your qualifications to the job requirements. Use the cost engineer CV example included below to learn how to present your career achievements in the best light. Fine-tune your own tailored CV using the included tips to improve the strength of your writing.

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Ryan Nickerson

5584 Forest Creek Circle , Lone Tree, Colorado 11111

E: Ryan.E.Nickerson@anymail T: 555-342-4857

Professional Summary

Expert cost engineer with years of experience creating accurate models of financial expenditures and developing effective strategies for dramatically increasing efficiency. Proficient with several computerized modeling programs and industry-accepted modeling methodologies. Creative problem-solving to determine effective strategies to meet immediate and long-term client goals. Proven success with average cost-reduction of 20 percent for a variety of clients.

  • ?Exceptional analysis skills, including using projection modeling to determine patterns and predict trends.?Innovative problem-solving abilities to develop practical and effective cost-saving solutions.?Excellent communications skills, including preparing verbal presentations and working with managers to explain and implement new strategies.?Proficient with Microsoft Office, Resources Calculations Inc. SoftCost, IBM Costimator, SAP, and Microsoft SharePoint.?Proven ability to accurately assess areas of financial drain and create effective solutions to reduce costs and increase revenue.
Work Experience
Cost Engineer

  • Review contracts, budgets, spending reports, and logistics data to develop a comprehensive overview of project expenses.
  • Use analysis software and projection models to estimate future costs and financial changes related to new projects and different objectives.
  • Develop cost saving measures according to client’s unique requirements and operational functionality.
  • Assist managers during the implementation of new workflows, including meeting with technicians and executives and making real-time adjustments to meet new challenges as needed.

Cost Estimation Consultant

  • Performed cost-estimation services for clients according to stated needs and objectives.

  • Developed comprehensive strategies for increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

  • Communicated directly with clients, technical experts, managers, and employees for accurate modeling and cost estimation.

  • Tailored cost reduction solutions for each client that increased efficiency by 20 percent on average.

Assistant Cost Estimator

  • Worked with senior cost estimators to collect, analyze, and display relevant data according to project requirements.
  • Prepared detailed cost estimates and projections for managers and executives to help plan objectives and schedule projects in a cost-effective manner.
  • Consulted with external vendors, industry experts, and personnel to gather cost data and discuss estimates for future projects.

Accounting Intern

  • Assisted accountants as necessary including performing calculations, creating invoices and payment records, verifying incoming and outgoing payments, and documenting transactions.
  • Communicated with clients and vendors to resolve billing and payment issues quickly.
  • Participated in a three-month on-the-job training program and authored comprehensive report detailing progress and results of my training.
  • Offered full-time accounting position at the completion of the internship.

Certified Cost Estimator

Webster University Professional Development
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

Colorado Springs University
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy playing chess and belong to local chess club. Volunteer extensively, including helping high school chess team, mentoring underprivileged youth, and teaching interview skills to halfway-house residents. Enjoy cooking and learning how to pair wine with food.

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Cost Engineer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Cost Engineer Do?

A cost engineer estimates and models the projected costs for product manufacturing, construction, asset acquisition, and other business activities to help management make profitable decisions. As a cost engineer, you may work directly with executives, board members, and shareholders to help set the value of company assets as well as participate in the bidding process to purchase goods and services. You may also use a variety of modeling and analysis techniques to find financial inefficiencies and determine changes to reduce the operational budget and increase profits. As you can see from the cost engineer CV example, technical proficiency, innovative problem-solving, and interpersonal skills are important. Your CV should showcase your analytical expertise along with your ability to work together with managers and executives to implement changes in operational processes.

Tips for Creating a Great Cost Engineer CV

Once you’ve created your own CV, take some time to review it for grammatical mistakes and typos. Use the tips below to enhance your writing to ensure your CV makes a strong first impression:

– Cost engineering involves working with real data, so include metrics in your Work History and Professional Summary, especially when describing specific accomplishments.
– Write concisely to make the largest impact on readers while keeping your CV within two pages. Use strong action words in your Work History, such as analyzed, developed, conferred, or evaluated.
– Add personality to your CV by including a short Hobbies and Interests section. Avoid referencing topics that could be controversial, such as religion or politics.
– Use a standard font no smaller than 10pt, and convert your document to a PDF to ensure page breaks don’t leave single lines of text at the top or bottom of the page.