Electrical Inspector CV Example


The CV is an alternative to the résumé that has been gaining popularity in recent years, mainly due to its ability to capture a more rounded image of a candidate. If you are heading out on the job market, you might consider a CV to help showcase the full range of skills and interests you have cultivated as a professional. When you need to sharpen your CV, check out the electrical inspector CV example included here to see how you can set up a sharp, powerful CV that introduces you to prospective employers with confidence.

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Monday Dillon

40839 8th Ave, Gaylord, MI 49999

E: MDillon@mymail.com T: 517-967-8666

Professional Summary

Experienced and certified electrical inspector with current Master Electrician certificates. Prior to becoming an inspector, managed a team of electricians after working to achieve Master Electrician credentials. Past roles have also included construction electrician and electrical repair technician, providing a rounded range of experiences in the field.

  • ?Experienced with database and documentation software, including Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, and Access.?Mastered industrial software packages, including OptaSoft Commercial Building Inspector.?Excellent written and spoken communication skills honed through taking information verbally and relaying plans of action to other electrical specialists.?Trained and practiced near vision techniques to aid in visual inspection prior to and following repair.?Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills, especially when considering issues related to the construction and proper design of circuits for the delivery of electricity to home appliances.
Work Experience
Electrical Inspector

  • Inspect new construction and periodic code evaluations for the city, certifying code compliance before habitation permits are issued.
  • Maintain records of all inspections and submit them to the proper authority for professional oversight and documentation.
  • Follow up with second inspection appointments and certifications for noncompliant properties to ensure necessary repairs are conducted in a timely manner.

Master Maintenance Electrician

  • Provided oversight to a team of journeyman and apprentice electricians, assigning tasks and following up with supervision and inspection as needed.

  • Expertly guided less experienced team members through new processes and procedures as circumstances provided teaching opportunities.

  • Individually handled the diagnosis and repair of sophisticated electrical problems at various client locations.

Construction Electrician

  • Provided primary wiring for new home and apartment building construction.
  • Documented code compliance at every stage of installation to ensure transparency during inspections.
  • Communicated with inspectors to ensure all necessary codes were followed.

Associates’ Degree
(2005- 2007)

Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Kalamazoo MI

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of my work, I still enjoy tinkering with electrical components in my off-time. Most notably, I participate in competitive robotics championships, including those that test combat robots against one another. To date, I have taken regional titles in several leagues, and I hope to one day qualify to compete at the national level. I also enjoy planning and executing home improvements that push the envelope in terms of integrating home technology. That includes installing wall-based USB charging outlets that do not require extra chargers to work with devices and a remote activation system that allows me to turn any appliance on or off with my smartphone.

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Electrical Inspector CV Must-Haves

What Does an Electrical Inspector Do?

Electrical inspectors work in the building construction trade, and their job is to make sure all electrical systems installed on new construction are up to code. They also provide periodic quality inspections for properties that need to be recertified in a variety of ways, like when a city requires an inspection before issuing a rental or habitation certificate for a property that has previously been found to be in violation.

Inspectors are also sometimes called in to help preemptively find problems. One example of this happening is when properties change owners and a full inspection of all building facilities is required for the buyer’s due diligence. To see how to describe this on your CV, check out the electrical inspector CV example above.

Tips for Creating a Great Electrical Inspector CV

As you put your CV together, you will need to make sure the language is sharp, not just to describe your experience well, but to make it concise and clear to the reader. Here are some tips to help you do that:

– Begin each bullet point in a list of skills or accomplishments with action verbs that help the reader understand what you did and what the quantifiable results of those actions were.
– Make sure you include details about hobbies and outside activities that reflect on your skills, even if they are “soft” skills that are not directly related to the job.
– Remember to include your skills separately from job duties to highlight what you can do.
– Keep in mind that the CV is intended to market you and leave off any information that does not pertain to the job in some way.
– Re-read your document several times to be sure there are no mistakes before sending it out.